Who Needs Mobile Storage? Knowing Your Audience

Who Needs Mobile Storage? Knowing Your AudienceAre you trying to figure out who your clients are? The short answer is that everyone needs portable/mobile storage at some point, even if they don’t know they need it. This means that you have a broad demographic target to aim at. It also means that you can capture considerable market share with a little careful study of your region and tailoring of your offerings. To that end, here are some thoughts to think over:

    • College Students & Young Couples: These highly mobile individuals are eager to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals. This demographic appreciates fast movement and instant results. They appreciate the convenience mobile storage offers and the flexibility it provides. Moreover, moving their possessions via mobile storage means they can save money and still get to the points and places their lives and careers take them.


    • Business Owners: Hot deals and special offers made by distributors to small business owners are hard to pass up. However, most small businesses lack the storage space necessary to store the extra inventory. Mobile storage allows this demographic to make the deals they can profit from.


    • Construction Crews: Equipment is heavy, and materials can weigh a crew down as it moves from one job site to the next. Mobile storage allows construction crews to transport their tools and materials wherever they need to go. When one job is finished, the container can simply be picked up and delivered to the next location.


    • Remodeling Companies: Nothing sours a job well done like broken plates and lost possessions. Remodeling companies and contractors love mobile storage because it allows them to safely store their client’s possessions while work is being conducted on their home or business. For this demographic, mobile storage makes work fast, safe, and efficient.


    • Realtors: Home staging requires having a safe and secure place to store a seller’s possessions before prospective buyers knock on the door. Mobile storage makes it easy for realtors to remove excess furniture, pictures, bric-a-brac, and other items so that the home looks its absolute best when the “For Sale” sign goes up in the yard. This also makes it easy for home sellers to have their possessions delivered right to the front door of their next home, whether it is just down the road or across the country.


    • Event Planners: Major events require significant equipment to pull off. Everything from tents to chafing dishes needs to be transported to locations so that guests are comfortable and taken care of. Event planners love mobile storage because it makes it easy to transport their equipment to each and every event they are responsible for putting together.


    • Disaster Response Teams: Fires and floods happen, and when they do it means clean-up crews need to remove and store the possessions and equipment that is salvageable. Portable storage allows these crews to quickly remove items from the property so that the process of rebuilding and restoration can take place.


    • Schools & Universities: Schools are dedicating more and more classroom space to learning, and this means there is less space to store sports equipment, extra desks, decorations, and the other equipment they require. Mobile storage allows schools to store these items safely and cost-effectively without negatively impacting the learning experience.


    • Soldiers & Expats: Soldiers and expats often have lots of possessions they need to leave behind as they make their way to their next posting. These individuals may not return to the same place when they come back. Portable storage makes it easy for them to schedule delivery of their possessions to their next stateside base or assignment.

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