What makes the best portable storage delivery system?

Portable Storage Delivery System

What makes the best portable storage delivery system?  The best lift is efficient, simple to operate, and able to lift containers without tilting.  This lift will allow your company to have a competitive advantage in your market. Money is made in monthly container rental not transportation so transportation needs to be easy and have a low operating cost.


An efficient portable storage delivery system allows the driver to load or unload a container in less than five minutes. This is one of the biggest advantages one type of lift can have over another. The faster the loading time the more deliveries can be made per day.


A portable storage delivery system that is simple to operate takes the headache out of deliveries and pickups.  You should be able to drive to the location and gently set the container down, drive away, that simple. After off loading, some systems require a secondary piece of equipment to move the container to its final position. The more complicated the lifting system the more time it adds to your deliveries.


A portable storage delivery system that raises and lowers a container filled with your customers belongings without tilting and shifting those belongings is superior to a lift that loads and unloads on an angle.  Look at this from your customers point of view, they just spent hours carefully loading the container you delivered, and you’ve loaded it up on angle causing their items to shift and possibly fall.  Another example of non-tilting lifts superiority is the fact that the number 1 and 2 biggest operators in the industry have chosen no tilt delivery systems.  Another national operator, who operated with rollbacks, has lost major market share in the last few years.


Horizontal Lift Company offers a lift that meets all three of these criteria and more.  We are extremely confident in our patented portable storage delivery system, and are happy to help you make the right choice for you.  Contact Michael at Michael@HorizontalLift.com or call (678) 929-5332 for more information.

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