What is Mobile Storage?

Mobile storage containersWhat is Portable Storage?

Mobile storage unit is a convenient alternative to traditional self storage. Instead of having to take your belongings to a self storage facility, a portable storage unit comes to you. When renting a mobile storage unit, a mobile storage company uses a mobile storage delivery system to deliver a portable storage container to the customer. The customer fills the storage unit with their belongings at their leisure. The mobile storage unit is then picked up by the mobile storage delivery system and transferred to either the storage facility or to the customer’s new home. In some cases, businesses or home owners are using the mobile storage container for temporary storage on-site and once they are finished, the container can be taken to the next client.

Benefits of Mobile Storage

Mobile storage containers are a great way to move household and business goods locally or traveling across the state. They are convenient, cost effective and are large enough that it allows for space for whatever needs to be stored. Portable storage units can be dropped off at a customer’s home or business for an extended amount of time and then can be picked up whenever it is convenient for the customer. The mobile storage containers are placed on ground level, which allows the renter to easily walk their items into the storage container when it is being packed. If customers are using the containers as a mobile storage unit, then the mobile storage company will lift the storage container and transfer it to their storage facility where it will be stored with other mobile storage containers. The mobile storage unit is protected by the self storage facility’s security and surveillance systems giving the customer peace of mind that their belongings are safe in storage.

Mobile Storage Delivery Systems

A mobile storage truck needs special equipment in order to transfer the mobile storage units. A mobile storage delivery system is specially made delivery equipment used to lift and transport mobile storage containers. The portable storage delivery equipment is mounted to a truck and is designed to adapt to a variety of mobile storage containers. Portable storage units come in a variety of sizes. The majority are 8 foot wide to 16- 20 feet long and can weight up to 10,000 lbs. when full.

Portable Storage Delivery Systems

The Horizontal Lift system is a patented non-franchise mobile storage lift that can be used on different size mobile storage containers. The mobile storage lift system is easy to operate, truck mounted, dependable, patented, and hydraulically operated. The lifting lug that is used in a Horizontal Lift system is developed to have an easier transition between container sizes allowing for a secure attachment to the containers on the trucks. Compared to other mobile storage delivery equipment, Horizontal Lift leaves consumers belongings intact with the “no-tilt” lift system. Customers will have peace of mind knowing that their belongings, when packed properly, will be fine when the container is placed in storage.

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