What Is Mobile Storage?

What Is Mobile Storage?Mobile storage, or portable storage, is here to stay. It is an evolution of the changing needs of consumers who are searching for ever more efficient and cost-effective ways to transport and store their possessions. Of course, mobile storage is nothing new. Everyone from settlers to immigrants have used everything from covered wagons to steamer trunks to haul their clothes and crockery from one home to the next. What is new, however, is the technology and the efficiency that makes mobile storage in the 21st century considerably more advantageous.

Mobile storage has come into its own over the past decade. It began as a niche market primarily for individuals who were moving long distances and wanted to trim the costs and stress associated with cross-country and international moves. Portable storage meant that homeowners didn’t need to hire moving companies, rent a van, or hold huge garage sales prior to getting on the road.

It was a niche market whose demand grew as reliable portable self storage companies began to sprout up. Using established transportation routes, these companies were able to offer their clients a considerably easier alternative to traditional moving methods. That niche market has become an industry standard as more and more people realize the benefits mobile storage solutions have to offer. Today, consumers can call up a storage provider to request delivery of a storage container on the day that they need it. If desired, they can also arrange pick-up, payment, and delivery of the container to its final destination in the same call.

It’s also a safe moving solution that means consumers don’t have to rush when they are making their relocation plans. Their possessions can be stored securely until they are ready to have them delivered. This gives consumers considerable peace of mind and can remove much of the stresses that come from moving, whether it’s a move down the street or into another zip code.

Of course, the benefits of portable self-storage aren’t just for consumers. Operators of self storage facilities can reap significant rewards by offering portable storage solutions to their clients. Mobile storage units are cheaper to purchase, easier to maintain, and require less space to store than traditional storage units. This means that the profits that can be generated from portable storage solutions are considerable.

There are several keys to success in the mobile storage industry. The first is location. A good location is one that has ready access to a transportation network that can get your clients’ units wherever they want to venture.

The next key to a successful business is the containers.┬áThe containers represent a considerable investment, and the higher the quality of the container, the more it will cost to purchase. However, a high-quality container means less maintenance costs and a longer usable lifespan. There are also a number of sizes available, and the key to a successful mobile storage business is being able to deliver the right-sized container for the consumer’s needs. Indeed, the containers represent an investment self storage operators need to balance carefully. After all, it is the cornerstone of a portable storage business.

Finally, top-tier marketing and customer service are essential within the mobile storage industry. Not only does a business need to get its name out there so clients can see it, but it also needs to deliver on the promises it makes to its clients. A business that focuses on solid marketing practices and meeting its client’s expectations can expect to stay in business for many years to come.

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