What to Consider Before Starting a Portable Storage Business

The Horizontal Lift system in front of a houseFactors to Consider Before Starting a Portable Storage Delivery Business

Are you looking for a portable storage business opportunity? You’re not alone. Portable storage is the next big thing in the storage industry. And if you’re like many people in the U.S., you’re looking to get in on the action. But how do you know if starting a portable storage business is for you? And what are the costs associated with your portable storage business plan? Keep reading to find out!

The Cost of Starting a Mobile Storage Business

When someone is initially considering opening a business, the cost is usually the biggest deterrent. But, did you know that starting a portable storage business is actually cheaper than starting a self storage business? Many people may assume the opposite, but it’s true. When you start a self storage business, you have to immediately dish out the money for buying a warehouse and converting it into a storage facility. Or if you’re planning to buy an already established storage facility from the owner, then the costs can be far greater.

Adding Mobile Storage to Your Storage Business

When you go the mobile storage route, the initial costs are far less substantial. In order to start a portable storage business, you need to purchase a container lift system, storage containers and a parking lot or area to store them. If you already own a self storage business and are just looking to expand, then you already have the land for mobile storage. The beauty of portable storage is your storage container inventory can grow with your business. If you don’t initially have the money to purchase an arsenal of mobile storage containers, you can purchase more as the need increases.

The Benefits of the Horizontal Lift Storage Lift System

Our Horizontal Lift is unlike any other storage lift system in the industry. It is durable, safe to operate and engineered to never stop working for you. The no-tilt lift system is built to lift and transport items without jostling them around. The Horizontal Lift system is 100% hydraulically operated and able to lift up to 10,000 pounds. Our customers see the value of mobile storage and seek it out in areas that it is available, and we hope you will too.

Add Horizontal Lift to Your Mobile Storage Business Plan!

Are you reading to take the next steps to starting mobile storage business? Stop in and talk to us today! Our friendly staff is available to answer any questions you may have.