Get More Out of Your Truck with a Swap Body

We’ve been talking about the swap body and how it can be used to launch a mobile storage business with the Horizontal Lift system. Today we take swap body talk one step further: What benefits does a swap body offer outside of mobile storage? Do these benefits compliment a mobile storage operation in any way?

Simply put, there are many benefits to a swap body that extend beyond mobile storage. Many of these benefits compliment mobile storage so much, that they might give you a competitive edge when entering a new market. Read on to learn how you can use your swap body to drive real results in business.

Flatbed Swap Body: Move Supplies and Heavy Items

Contractors and construction workers need heavy items delivered to their job sites in a timely manner. Whether it is reinforced concrete sewer pipe or steel beams for a multi-story project, a flatbed attachment is a must for safe transport. If you have interest in serving the needs of contractors and construction crews, a flatbed attachment will allow you to put your truck to work!

Flatbed Attachment Tip: Oversize Loads

Remember an oversize load could get you in trouble if not properly marked and managed. In the United States, a load is considered oversize if its width exceeds 8 feet, six inches (2.59 m). You must have a permit for each state you transport the load through, and must follow the protocol required by each state (as this sometimes will differ!).

Chipper Swap Body: Turn Wooded Areas Into A Business Opportunity

No matter what your line of work, are many benefits to wood chipping. Check out the benefits provided below (source TPChipper):

  • Groundskeeper: Maintaining green areas, weed control, meet environmental regulations in urban areas.
  • Forestry: Thin strands of trees and yield high quality biomass for use in CHP plants
  • Energy: Use wood waste as biofuel in a household boiler system.
  • Arborist: Reduce felling and pruning waste.
  • Landscape Gardener: Reduce wood volume, lower costs for transport and disposal.

For a moving and mobile storage company each of these professions are potential customers once you add a chipper attachment to your swap body collection. Expand your business opportunities and generate added revenue during slow periods.

Dumpster Swap Body: Take Out the Trash with a Dumpster Attachment

A dumpster swap body best compliments mobile storage for the purpose of moving a customer. When people move, they often have unwanted trash and clutter they want desposed. Turn your mobile storage operation into a full service relocation program! Just be careful not to switch up people’s belongings and their trash.

Dump Body Swap Body: Transport Raw Materials and More

The dump swap body ties back into the construction industry, where heavy duty dump trucks bring raw material, including concrete, gravel and other mixables to the job site. With a dump attachment, your truck can be a part of the action, delivering material where it is needed most.

Storage Swap Body: Mobile Storage Containers Made Easy

Of course, we could not forget about mobile storage! With the Horizontal Lift, you can transport a range of container types using our innovative container attachment and lifting lug. Turn your truck into a mobile storage revenue-generating machine with a ground-breaking mobile storage attachment that will pay dividends for years to come.

Build Your Mobile Storage Business with a Swap Body Attachment

With a swap body, your business opportunities expand tremendously. What’s more, your costs stay manageable thanks to the fact that you can continue using the same truck for each use! Turn your transportation operation into a versaltile, bottom-line boosting machine. Contact us to get started, or read on our guides below: