Swap Body

You may have heard about swap body trucking. What you may not know is that not all lift systems are the same. Our patented Horizontal Lift is a unique system that can turn your truck into a swap body truck that provides superior customer service.

Swap Body Horizontal Lift

What is Swap Body?

With a truck body swapping system, pre-loaded containers are delivered to a location like a warehouse or retail store. The swap body containers are lifted off and then an empty container or another loaded container to lifted back on the truck to transport to the next location. Unlike some lift systems, Horizontal Lift doesn’t tilt and can set the container on any flat surface so it doesn’t require a special dock and is easily accessed.

What are the Benefits?

  • Saves time.
  • No “ideal time” of truck arrival.
  • Drivers and trucks can take more trips.
  • Businesses have a smoother and speedier distribution method for transportation hubs.
  • Increases the efficiency of distribution since warehouse unloads one while another container is being loaded.
  • Saves time for businesses.
  • Reduces expenses.
  • Containers can be accessed from the front and back to make loading and unloading faster.

What Are Body Swapping Trucks?

Body swapping trucks have a traditional truck attached to a lift mechanism which moves the container from the truck to the ground and back. Once a container is loaded onto a swap body truck, the vehicle functions just like any other truck. The driver doesn’t need any special training and the handling is the same.

Why Is Horizontal Lift Swap Body Revolutionary?

Our patented Horizontal Lift does something other storage lift systems can’t. It can move the container from the truck to the ground without tipping the contents, which cuts down on damage and increases profits. In addition, our Horizontal Lift:

  • Works with different sized portable storage containers from many manufacturers.
  • Can lift up to 13,000 pounds.
  • Is 100% hydraulically controlled for fast pick-up and delivery.
  • Sets the container on the ground and not on stilts in the air.

Who Uses Swap Body Trucking?

Swap Body can be extremely beneficial for the distribution industry. Regional distribution companies will find that using the truck body swapping system speeds up their distribution at transportation hubs. Not only will driver times be quicker, but swap body allows distributors to cut loading and unloading time in half.

Our Swap Body in Action!

What Are the Benefits?

Along with saving time and money in distribution, body swapping trucking also:

  • Allows companies to save money by consolidating regional warehouses, eliminating cross-docks and expanding delivery territory
  • Helps drivers make more delivery stops per day, increasing efficiency and quality of the delivery system
  • Increases profits by expanding into new markets without needing new facilities or real estate
  • Creates a truck-based alternative to brick and mortar distribution, which helps a business to rapidly enter emerging markets
  • Reduces damage and incorrect orders because inventory travels directly from warehouse to retailer

Which Industries Benefit Most?

A wide diversity of businesses stand to benefit, including:

  • Furniture retailers
  • Window and door manufacturers
  • Wine and spirits businesses
  • Cabinet makers
  • Non-Profit second-hand stores
  • Building supply companies
  • Construction and landscaping companies
  • Government and municipal services
  • Equipment delivery
  • Waste hauling
  • Colleges and universities

Horizontal Lift Offers a Superior System


If you are interested in truck body swapping systems, remember that our Horizontal Lift offers superior non-tilting lifts. With a lift that sets containers flat on any surface, you can offer superior customer service and enlarge the scope of your business, or enter any number of fast-growing distribution markets.