Container Lift System Comparison: The Horizontal Lift System vs. a Tilt-Bed Truck

The Horizontal Lift system lifting a storage containerOne of the most important first steps in venturing into the portable storage industry is choosing your mobile storage lift system. There are many options to choose from, and you want one that is durable, reliable and most importantly, will make both you and your customers happy.

So, how will you know which option is best for you, your company and your customers? Well, we’re here to help! In this post, you will find a direct comparison between the Horizontal Lift system and the tilt-bed truck.

Mobile Storage Lift System Comparison

The Tilt Bed Truck

With a tilt-bed truck, the storage container will be lifted from the truck and onto the ground where a customer can load it with their items. Once the storage container is full, it is loaded back on the truck. During the process of loading and unloading the truck, the storage container is drastically tilted. This can result in many items being broken or damaged while the storage container is loaded and unloaded from the truck.

Imagine, your customer meticulously loading the storage container with their TV, kitchen table, large mirror and other delicate items, only to see the storage container tilting while being loaded and unloaded. If they later find some broken, damaged or chipped items, they may have a sour taste in their mouth about your service or be more likely to leave a negative review.

The Horizontal Lift System

With the Horizontal Lift system, the storage container is never tilted. The no-tilt portable storage system allows customers to easily load the storage container with their items. Once the storage container is full, our hydraulic lift technology loads the storage container back onto the Horizontal Lift system truck without tilting. Our no-tilt hydraulic lift technology keeps the contents of the portable storage container from getting jostled during the home. The Horizontal Lift system truly gives you a competitive edge in the portable storage industry!

Learn More About the Horizontal Lift System Today!

When choosing the best container lift system option, it is important to choose one that will set your business up for success. Picking the Horizontal Lift system over a tilt bed truck will keep your customers happy by preventing their belongings from getting jostled while unloading and loading the truck.

The Horizontal Lift system is the most advanced storage lift system on the market. Our lift is designed to adapt to different portable storage containers from various manufacturers. With the Horizontal Lift system, pick-up and delivery are a breeze. This will not only make you happy, but your customers happy as well!

Talk to us about the Horizontal Lift system today!

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