What is a Portable Storage Delivery System?

As a self storage business becomes established, a storage operator can expand their facility by offering mobile storage solutions. Are you looking to add additional revenue to your self storage business? Learn how the Horizontal Lift system can help in this post!

What is Portable Storage?

A portable storage delivery system lifts and transports mobile storage containers. Portable storage can be used in a variety of different industries, including: the moving industry, the event planning industry, the construction industry and the luxury porta potty industry. When mounted to a truck, our delivery equipment adapts to a variety of container sizes.

Interested in learning more about the industries that can benefit from using a portable storage delivery system? Watch this video below!

The Horizontal Lift Portable Storage System

Our patented Horizontal Lift system is a hydraulically controlled portable storage lift. The container lift system adapts to portable storage units of different sizes and different manufacturers. The lifting lug used in a Horizontal Lift system works with portable containers up to 8 feet wide and 20 feet long. Our storage container lift system is hydraulically controlled and can lift up to 10,000 pounds. This allows for a secure attachment to the containers on the trucks.

Advantages of Using the Horizontal Lift System

Unlike competitors, Horizontal Lift is the only patented, non-franchise, non-dealership business in the industry. We’ve engineered our Horizontal Lift system to be the most advanced, long-lasting portable storage system on the market today. We also do not charge high franchise fees when selling our portable storage delivery systems so that your business can operate and expand on YOUR terms.

Horizontal Lift is Your Portable Storage Unit Manufacturer

Mobile storage companies can grow beyond their local community with the correct portable storage delivery system. At Horizontal Lift, we make sure that your mobile self storage investment yields good returns by providing high-quality equipment. Talk to us about how you can expand your self storage facility today!