What is a Portable Storage Delivery System?

Self Storage and Portable Storage

As a self storage business becomes established in the local market, a storage operator will look for ways to build their self storage business. A great way to expand a self storage business is offering portable storage solutions. Portable storage allows the user to have a mobile container delivered to a home or business and then later moved to a storage facility for storage. Mobile storage can cover a larger market area that the usual self storage business. A mobile storage business can reach over 30 miles rather than the usual 5 mile radius, helping a storage operator to easily grow their business. The costs of starting a mobile business will vary on the type of portable containers and trucks that are purchased or leased.

Portable Storage Delivery Equipment

A portable storage delivery system is specialized delivery equipment used to lift and transport mobile storage containers. The portable storage delivery equipment is mounted to a truck and is specially designed to adapt to a variety of mobile storage containers. There are many benefits of having the best portable storage delivery system for a mobile storage business.
Having the correct portable storage delivery system will help your storage business grow beyond the local community. The Horizontal Lift system is a simple to operate and durable horizontal lift system. Horizontal Lift is a non-dealership business. Mobile storage businesses can purchase our portable storage delivery equipment and not pay high franchise fees for renting a portable lift system. This allows the mobile storage business to operate and expand their businesses on their own terms. The horizontal lift system is engineered to be the most advanced long lasting system in the mobile storage business.

Portable Storage Delivery System

The Horizontal Lift system is a patented non-franchise mobile storage lift that can be used on different size mobile storage containers. The mobile storage lift system is easy to operate, truck mounted, dependable, patented, and hydraulically operated. The lifting lug that is used in a Horizontal Lift system is developed to have an easier transition between container sizes allowing for a secure attachment to the containers on the trucks. Having the right portable storage delivery equipment will help enhance a mobile storage business.