Starting a Portable Storage Business

Portable Container Delivery System

How to Start Your Business

The self storage industry is a $22 billion-a-year business with over 48,000 self storage operations in the United States. One in ten households in the United States rent a storage unit to store extra belongings. Operating a portable/mobile storage business is a solid investment for entrepreneurs with a good return on that investment. The self storage industry usually follows the trends of the housing market. If an area has a strong housing market, then it could be a good area for a mobile storage business opportunity.

Developing a Portable Storage Business Plan

When developing a mobile storage business plan, it is crucial to understand the local market and the area’s demand for storage. Check out competitors to see what they offer and see what you can bring differently to the market. As you are looking for property to launch your mobile storage business from, you must decide if you want to purchase an existing operation or start from scratch. It is also important to think of future expansion possibilities.

Growing Portable Storage Business

As a mobile storage business becomes established in the local market, it is important for the operator to find ways to continue growth. This could be by expanding to allow more storage units, remodeling indoor units to create climate controlled units or adding other amenities. A great way to expand a mobile storage business is offering flexible solutions.

Portable Storage Solutions for Home and Office

Portable and mobile storage businesses allows customers to have mobile containers delivered to their homes or businesses and then later moved to a storage facility for storage. Since mobile storage serves a larger market – 30 miles rather than a 5 mile radius – a mobile storage operator can more easily grow their business than a traditional self storage operator. In terms of cost, mobile business costs will vary on the type of portable containers and trucks that are purchased or leased.

Finding the Right Truck for the Job

A portable container truck will allow for easy transportation of the container to a storage facility. Having the right type of truck and lift system is important to having a great mobile storage experience for a customer. Our portable storage delivery system has been designed to adapt to different mobile container sizes to make mobile storage easier and more efficient allowing for ease of use for the storage operator. Having the correct mobile storage delivery system will allow for efficiencies as well as your business to grow beyond the local community.