Starting a Portable Storage Business

Portable Moving and Storage Storage Container System

How to Start Your Business

According to industry reports, the self-storage industry is projected to generate over $38 billion in revenue in 20181. One in ten households in the United States rent storage units to store extra belongings. This need for self-storage means that mobile storage businesses can be quite lucrative.

What is Portable Storage?

Portable storage businesses deliver containers to homes and businesses. These containers are later moved to a storage facility for storage. The mobile storage container stays on the ground when packing. This makes moving heavier objects much easier than traditional storage methods.

Our portable storage system gives you the flexibility to help customers 30 or more miles away from your self-storage facility. Portable storage is a great opportunity for self storage operators who want to extend their business reach beyond the 5-mile radius of traditional self storage locations.

Developing a Portable Storage Business Plan

When developing a portable storage business plan, it is crucial to understand the local market and the area’s demand for storage. Self-storage typically follows the trends of the housing market. Areas with strong housing markets make great locations for mobile storage businesses.

Check out competitors to see what they offer and what you can uniquely bring to the market. When looking for property, decide if you want to buy an existing portable storage operation or start from scratch. 

Finding the Right Products for Your Business

Looking to expand your business into portable storage? You’ll need the right products to get started. Horizontal Lift offers many self-storage products for your current and future tenants.

Start Your Portable Storage Business Today

Expand your business reach and eliminate the stress of renting moving trucks for your customers with a portable storage option. Feel free to contact one of our portable storage professionals with any questions. Our team is more than happy to help you bring your mobile storage business plan to life.

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