How to Grow Self Storage Business

Expand a Self Storage Business with Mobile Storage

Mobile storage allows consumers to have a mobile container delivered to a home or business and then later moved to a storage facility for storage. The container is on the ground, which makes it much easier to pack and move heavier objects. Instead of walking up a ramp into a moving truck, a consumer can walk directly into the mobile storage unit. A mobile container truck will allow for easy transportation of the container to a storage facility. Having the right type of truck and container delivery system is important to having a great mobile storage experience for a customer. The Horizontal Lift system has been designed to adapt to different mobile container sizes to make mobile storage easier and more efficient allowing for ease of use for the storage operator. Having the correct mobile storage lift system will allow for efficiencies as well as allow your business to grow beyond the local community.

Improving Portable Storage Business

As a self storage business prospers, storage operators are looking for ways to expand their business and their services. One such way is by offering a mobile storage solution to your customers. The Horizontal Lift system is an affordable solution to grow and expand your portable business. The patented lift is designed to adapt to different manufacturer mobile storage containers. The portable storage lift allows the storage operator the freedom to operate a portable storage business without additional fees or franchise requirements. Our no-tilt hydraulic lift keeps items intact inside the container during transport, so your mobile storage customers will have the peace-of-mind that their belongings are safe and secure in the mobile container. The reliability, dependability, and strength of our lifts will help you successfully expand your self storage operation to include a portable storage solution.