How to Start a Mobile Self Storage Facility Business

The mobile self storage business is booming. While other industries have fluctuated with the economy, mobile storage has remained strong. If you are interested in starting your own mobile storage business plan, consider refurbishing an old building into a self storage facility.

old vacant building can be refurbished into mobile self storage warehouses

5 Reasons You Should Refurbish a Building into a Mobile Self Storage Business

Cut Down on Costs: Refurbishing an old building into a mobile self storage facility is a smart way to cut down on costs. When choosing a building to renovate, it is important to keep in mind construction costs, as well as how long the building has been vacant. If the building has been vacant for years, or if the interior of the building won’t easily be renovated into a warehouse-like building, construction costs will be higher. If you are able to find a building like a car dealership, movie theater or any other building with a large interior, they most likely have air conditioning already installed. This will drastically cut back on costs. Also, since the foundation of the building is already in place, construction costs will be dramatically decreased. The foundation of a car dealership will also have the added benefit of high ceilings, making it perfect for storing mobile storage containers.

Less Restrictive Zoning Laws: In recent years, zoning laws have become more restrictive and costly to deal with. Building a new business means you will have to jump through the hoops of zoning and building code regulations. This can be an extremely timely and expensive process. Refurbishing an old building into a new business may allow you to bypass these restrictive laws, speeding up the process.

Cuts Down on Vacant Buildings in the Community: Vacant buildings are bad for the community. A large unmonitored warehouse can be seen as an attractive area for criminals, drawing more crime to the area. If this is the case, the city may be more likely to be lenient on zoning restrictions in order to get rid of a high crime area.

Prime Location: If a city has a building like a car dealership or a movie theater, it is most likely because it is a busy city. Putting yourself in the center of a high traffic area is the best thing you can do as a new business owner.

The Growth of Mobile Storage: The desire for mobile storage is growing. Customers crave the convenience of being able to pack up their stuff into a mobile storage unit at home. When people are in need of mobile storage units, it is most likely because they are in a transitional period of their lives. The ability to pack up a at home, instead of having to pack up and transport their items to a storage facility, is seen as extremely valuable in the eyes of a consumer.

Take Advantage of this Mobile Storage Business Opportunity

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