See Your Self Storage Business Through New Eyes

See Your Self Storage Business Through New EyesIf you’ve been managing your self storage business for awhile, you’ve no doubt become accustomed to some of the quirks in the buildings, such as doors that are a little off-kilter or asphalt patching that’s a bit uneven. These issues may not present a problem for you, but for someone who hasn’t seen your self storage business’s facilities before, they can be insurmountable. Even the little things can telegraph to potential customers that the facility might not be in the best shape. If you want to attract customers, take a look at your business with new eyes and change those things that stand out in negative ways.

Cracks and Chips

Most people realize that even the best places will have the occasional crack in the concrete or crumbly asphalt patching over tree roots in the sidewalk. Too many of these, though, and your business can look like it needs serious repairs.

Walk the grounds at your facility and pretend to be someone who needs storage for the first time. What impressions do all of the cracks and chips you see give you? Note the locations and make arrangements to have the asphalt, concrete, and other surfaces redone, either with better patching methods or by replacing the entire segment. Smooth, new surfaces go a long way toward making a good impression.

Security and Lighting

Rusty, squeaky gates do not inspire much confidence, even if they work perfectly well. Security keypads that are worn can be confusing to use. Burned out lights can be just plain scary. All of these might not make you worry because you know the place inside out, but a new customer would see massive security risks that place their belongings in danger. Repair the gates, replace the light bulbs, and see about replacing the keypad fronts to show customers that you care about security at your self storage business. Also, check out the doors on the units and repaint/fix hinges as needed.

Landscaping and Paint

Got some fast-growing hedges that you haven’t been able to keep up with? Paint marred by dirt streaks after storms washed water down the sides of the buildings? How do you think those look to prospective customers? The answer: not good. Have the buildings power-washed; this should be relatively affordable and eliminate the need to repaint. If you’re not already using a landscaping company to keep the plants at the facility under control, now would be a good time to arrange for a company to come in and get the landscaping in shape. Even if you have to take care of most of the landscaping yourself, hire¬†professionals to give the landscaping a fresh start.

Clean and Neat

Once the existing grounds have been straightened up and repaired, look at how the space is used. You may be able to re-stripe the parking lot to add more spaces, or, if you have a clean, clear concrete area with new pads, you may want to add portable storage units. These not only give you more storage spaces to rent out, but they also give the impression that you’re making the most out of the space you have. The units will also help prevent those open areas from becoming trash magnets where people leave unwanted items.

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