Protect Your Customers, Reduce Your Liability and Make Money Doing It

Guest Post by Storage Protectors

Your portable storage company has plenty of responsibility on its shoulders, but that doesn’tmean you need to take on the risk of dealing with claims Protect Your Mobile Storage Customers and Reduce Your Liabilityor unhappy customers if their property is lost, stolen or damaged–especially since it’s rarely your fault. Luckily, there’s an easy option that makes it simple for your company to handle claims that arise by offering premium contents and damage waiver insurance.

Benefits for Your Company

By offering premium contents and damage waiver insurance to clients and keeping 50% of the fees for your company, you immediately accomplish two things: one, you solve the problem of submitting claims for your clients; and two, you grow your company’s profits from a new revenue stream. Offering insurance means you are protected in the event of a problem with a client’s storage containers or pods.

Peace of Mind for Clients

Clients who are using containers for temporary storage or to move their items to a new location already understand the convenience and low price that come with hiring storage containers. They like that it’s less expensive than hiring movers and appreciate the convenience. Many clients, however, may have some concerns:

  • What happens if they don’t load the storage container correctly and items are damaged during the moving process?
  • What happens if the storage container isn’t secured properly in transit and items are lost?
  • What happens if items are stolen from the storage container?

Clients deal with a number of key concerns when it comes to storing their items in storage containers or PODS–but premium contents and damage waiver insurance offers increased peace of mind. Since they know they’re insured, your customers will be less likely to worry about their possessions while they’re tucked in temporary storage or in transit.

Improving Client Satisfaction

The reality is damaged and missing items rarely happen. Most people will pack their storage containers carefully, padding items appropriately. Your insurance can include a clause that insists each item is stored properly, making it easier for you to avoid claims that are a result of client negligence. The existence of your insurance, however, will automatically improve client satisfaction. Knowing you stand behind your products will increase their confidence in you, while having insurance to fall back on will increase overall customer satisfaction.

Having contents and damage waiver insurance also means if something happens to a storage container, whether it’s damaged in transit or as a result of something your company has done, you’re able to offer your clients the protection they deserve without acquiring a headache in the process. You’ll be able to replace items easily or offer compensation without cutting into your company’s profits–a handy way to remove the weight from your shoulders while still keeping clients happy. Accidents happen. That doesn’t mean your company should suffer for it!

If you’re looking for a way to improve client satisfaction and increase peace of mind while increasing your profits, offering insurance to your clients is the way to go. This simple technique adds more value to your business without substantially increasing the services you provide.

Want to learn more about how to add insurance to your storage offerings, how to grow your storage container business or how storage containers can help people in many different businesses? Contact us today to learn how we can help.

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