How the Luxury Porta Potty Industry Can Benefit from a Hydraulic Lift System

Porta potties delivered to a park by the Horizontal Lift systemHorizontal Lift helps to make the delivery process faster, easier and safer. While we generally tend to work with mobile storage owners, the Horizontal Lift system can be used by other industries. One in particular is the porta potty delivery industry. How you may ask? Well, keep on reading!

The Porta Potty Rental Industry Relies on On-Time Delivery

As a porta potty rental company, the success of the event you are catering to relies on your delivery. This can be tough if you have unreliable equipment. Whether your event is an outdoor wedding, festival, concert, competition, sporting event or construction site job, a late delivery will result in angry guests at the event, and an angry customer. The Horizontal Lift system is capable of lifting thousands of pounds, making lifting multiple portable toilets at once an easy feat. When the stakes are high, and the success of your business relies on on-time delivery, it is important to go with the best delivery option.

The Benefits of the Horizontal Lift Hydraulic Lift System for the Porta Potty Rental Industry

The Horizontal Lift system is easy to operate, durable, and able to lift items without tilting. The smoothness of the Horizontal Lift system allows it to pick up different sized objects without jostling them around. Due to the fragility of porta potties, this feature is very valuable for the portable toilet delivery industry. To move porta potties, the Horizontal Lift uses a flatbed attachment that can be raised and lowered without tilting. This makes it easy to load and unload the porta potties at ground level.

When a portable toilet is needed for an extended period of time, a service crew will often be sent out weekly for sanitation purposes. The Horizontal Lift could be fitted with a vacuum pump truck attachment, this allows the same company to use the same truck for different purposes. This can save porta potty delivery companies a great deal of time and money. If there is a problem with the porta potty, a new one may be sent in its place. The Horizontal Lift system can easily and quickly bring in a new porta potty and whisk away the old.

The Horizontal Lift system can even be operated by a remote control. This allows the driver to move around and inspect the area while the porta potties are being unloaded and loaded. For a driver looking for the best level ground to place the porta potties, this feature can be very valuable.

Horizontal Lift is Unlike Any Other Lift in the Industry

The Horizontal Lift system is unlike any other lift system in the industry. Our lift was built with the convenience and safety of our customer in mind. The no-tilt lift system keeps the items safe, while our built-in safety features keep the driver and operator safe. Our lift-system is easy to use, but we still offer various in-person and online training options if necessary. Are you interested in learning more about the Horizontal Lift system? Contact us today!

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