Portable Storage Delivery System

What does Horizontal Lift Company do? We make the best delivery system for the portable storage industry.  Our equipment works with “white box” type containers (think PODS®) as well as ISO or Ocean Going type containers.  Our patented portable storage delivery system lifts these containers without them tilting.  We build these lifts in America; everything is professionally engineered, sourced from the best part suppliers, and manufactured by top of the line fabricators.

How does one delivery system work with both ISO and “white box” containers?   Our container delivery equipment uses lifting lugs similar to how ISO containers are lifted from cargo ships.  We have worked with the major suppliers of white box containers to integrate our attachment method into their design (just let them know the containers are to be used with our system).  ISO containers already have corner brackets that work with our lug.  Being able to lift both types of containers without tilting is a unique advantage of the Horizontal Lift.

To tilt or not to tilt?  A big debate within the portable storage industry is between tilting and not tilting a loaded container.  Obviously we fall on the no tilt side of the argument.  We believe level lifting will win in the end because customers will demand it.  People who say tilting the container is ok always say one line “as soon as you go up a hill with the container loaded on the truck the container is tilted, so it doesn’t matter”.  This might be true, but by that time the container is out of sight out of mind of the customer who just spent hours carefully packing it.   More food for thought is if level lifting doesn’t matter why do PODS®, 1-800-Pack-Rat® and other major players lift with out tilting?

Where is the Horizontal Lift manufactured?  The Horizontal Lift is manufactured in America more specifically in Alabama.  We are fortunate enough to work with some of the best manufactures around.  These guys also build equipment for major corporations like USPS, Toyota, Volkswagen, and all the major airlines.

Horizontal Lift is a small company that is in the business of helping other small companies and start-ups. We have run mobile storage operations ourselves so we understand the business and can be a big asset for someone just getting started. Please don’t hesitate to contact us we are happy to answer any questions.