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Portable Storage BusinessPortable storage is in big demand. The convenience it offers to consumers in a culture where people are busier than ever before is just too appealing to resist. The self storage industry, historically boasting $22 billion-a-year business with over 48,000 self storage operations in the United States has seen an impact from consumers demanding portability.

Taking into account that one in ten households in the United States rents a storage unit to store extra belongings, imagine the revenue boost to self storage business owners that add the mobile advantages of portable storage. Making it mobile, shifting to or starting a portable storage unit business or franchise can be a hugely profitable decision. Getting started can seem like an impossible obstacle to the small to mid-size storage business owner looking to expand an existing self storage business.  For those looking to start a new business it can seem even more out of reach.

Profitability of Mobile Storage

Mobile storage serves a much larger market since it will be limited only by how far your business can practically support delivery and pickup of the mobile storage containers. It is scalable, since even small storage businesses can start with one truck, outfitted to pick up the containers, and gradually grow their business by adding additional trucks, containers and drivers as revenue is available to support it.

Business Costs of Portable Storage

The costs of starting a mobile storage business vary based on the type of portable containers and trucks that are already owned, purchased or leased. A mobile container truck and the types of container used impact transportation of the container and also storing it at the facility. Having the right type of truck and lift system is important from both for the customer’s needs and yours in terms of efficiency. Up until now, the costs of adding the right kind of truck and lift system has represented a huge barrier of entry to the small to mid-size storage business owner.

Starting a Storage Business: Costs for Containers

Storage container costs are important to consider when starting a storage business. According to CostOwl, smaller storage containers – such as a 20’ deep container – cost $1,000 to $4,000. Larger containers can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $7,000. If money is tight, as it usually is when you are starting a mobile storage business, you can save costs by leasing storage containers rather than buying. Lease rates can be anywhere from $200 to $600 per month. Also, it is important to keep in mind any shipping costs vendors might charge. It is best practice to stay as local as possible when purchasing storage containers for your business.

An affordable solution for a faster transition

We offer a portable storage delivery system that has been designed to adapt to different mobile container sizes. Our horizontal lift makes mobile storage efficient allowing for ease of use for the storage operator and a much better experience for the consumer.

This patented storage lift system allows the freedom to operate a portable storage business without additional fees or franchise requirements. Our no-tilt hydraulic lift keeps items from shifting inside the container during transport, reducing the possibility of damage, so your customers feel more confident their belongings are being handled with care.

Lowest Cost No-Tilt Portable Storage Lift

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