The Benefits of Using as Mobile Storage Company for a Move

According to USA Today, nearly 40 million Americans move every year. This equates to about 14% of the U.S. population. For moving companies located in cities experiencing population growth, this is a gold mine. It is no mystery that moving is a stressful time. When moving, people are always looking for a way to make the process easier. One great way is mobile storage. Due to the convenience of mobile storage, mobile storage companies have an advantage other moving companies do not have.

When customers hear what a mobile storage company has to offer as opposed to a traditional moving company, the decision between the two options becomes very clear. So, how can someone looking to move benefit from the use of a mobile storage company as opposed to a traditional moving company? Find out below.

3 Key Benefits of Portable Storage for Moving

  • Cost savings: Everyone knows that moving is expensive. Incorporating mobile storage into your customer’s moving process is more convenient and less expensive than a traditional move. Generally, a full-service move will cost a few thousand dollars, while a mobile storage move will only cost a few hundred dollars tops.
  • Less stressful: On a day that is already very stressful, anything that can help to mitigate stress can go a long way. When you rent a moving truck for your move, the customer is in charge of going to pick up the truck and returning it on time. Additionally, if you are moving the contents of the entire home or multiple bedrooms, the customer will be driving a much larger vehicle than they are used to driving. When a customer decides to use a mobile storage company for their move, the process is as easy as calling the company and booking an appointment. After that, the storage container is delivered to their house for ease of loading.
  • Convenience of storage: During a move, it isn’t uncommon to rent a storage unit. For someone that rents from a traditional moving company, this means that the customer has to load the moving truck, drive to the storage facility and unload the moving truck into the storage unit. However, when you use a mobile storage company for your move, the storage container can easily be transferred from your house to the mobile storage facility.

Start Your Mobile Storage Business with Horizontal Lift System

Are you interested in starting a mobile storage company? The Horizontal Lift system is built tough and is able to adapt to different sized storage containers from various companies. Our lift is able to lift up to 10,000 pounds and can easily handle the biggest or smallest move. With the Horizontal Lift system, pick-up and delivery is fast, which is a huge perk to customers on moving day.
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