Portable Storage: 10 Tips for Marketing to Home Remodelers

Portable Storage: 10 Tips for Marketing to Home RemodelersWarmer weather means that homeowners throughout the country are eagerly organizing those home improvement projects they have been eyeing all winter. That means home remodelers are gearing up to build everything from new kitchens to bedroom additions. It also means that home remodeling companies are looking for efficient methods of removing homeowner possessions so that they are out of the way. To that end, the following are the reasons home remodelers should consider using portable storage solutions as the home repair season kicks into high gear. Each item represents something they can use to promote their businesses, and your portable self storage solutions, to their clients.

It Protects Possessions from Damage

Antiques, furniture, dishware, etc. are easily broken during a remodeling project. Removing them from the work area removes the risk of everything from family heirlooms to Johnny’s Xbox ending up in the trash bin.

It Minimizes Liability

Theft and property damage are risks that every homeowner worries about during a remodeling project. Portable self storage places valuable possessions in a safe and secure facility. This helps homeowners sleep easier at night and reduces your liability throughout the project.

It is Fast

Time is money, and work crews need to remove possessions quickly so that they can get to work. Portable self storage can be loaded on-site. This means no trips to the storage facility and less downtime for work crews whose time is better spent knocking down walls and measuring new framing.

It is Convenient

Like fast food, it’s delivered fast, and carted away quickly. This means less time and less hassle for homeowners and their neighbors eager to see home remodeling projects completed quickly and efficiently.

It Improves Efficiency

Removing homeowner possessions makes it easier to work within the room. By clearing the room, there is no need to work around furniture and bric-a-brac. This means that work crews can work faster and more efficiently throughout the project.

It is Scalable

One room, two room, five rooms – portable self storage can be scaled to fit the storage needs of the client. Whether one room or the entire home is being remodeled, everything within those rooms can be safely removed and stored until project completion.

It Removes Clutter

Instead of moving everything into other rooms of the house, it’s placed in a safe facility. This way homeowners don’t have to trip over kitchen possessions in the bedroom, living room, etc. This minimizes disruption to their daily lives and makes them more comfortable until the project is completed.

It Makes Staging Easier

If a homeowner is remodeling in preparation to sell the property, portable storage makes it easier to stage the home for potential buyers. It also means that when the home sells, the possessions are already packed and ready to move to the new home.

It Is Affordable

Portable self storage doesn’t cost as much as people may think. In terms of remodeling, it’s an additional expense that is easily absorbed. This means that it won’t have a negative impact on a homeowner’s remodeling budget.

It Provides a Clean Slate

Americans have a lot of stuff, and it is not uncommon for clients who have completed a home remodeling project to divest themselves of their “stuff” when it’s over. In fact, many homeowners endeavor to keep their homes tidier and neater after a project. By removing their stuff and having them put it back in, they can sort their possessions and determine the things they want to keep and what needs to head to Goodwill or a yard sale.

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