Container Carrier Truck Comparison: The Horizontal Lift System vs a Pick-Up Truck

A pickup truck with a trailerPick-up trucks are popular for moving, towing and more. Nowadays, a pick-up truck is able to tow a great deal of weight, and is ideal for pulling trailers, recreational vehicles, equipment and more. But a pick-up truck might not be as reliable as you think. How does a pick-up truck compare to the Horizontal Lift system? Let’s find out!

3 Differences Between the Horizontal Lift System and a Pick-Up Truck

Interested in learning more about how a pick-up truck compares to the Horizontal Lift system? Read below!

  • Ease of loading: With the Horizontal Lift system, the storage container is lifted off of the Horizontal Lift system and placed onto the ground. The storage container is easily loaded to its capacity and is then lifted onto the Horizontal Lift system. When you load a pick-up truck, moving items into the trailer is much more difficult because the opening of the trailer is not at ground level. Items you wish to put into the trailer must be moved up a ramp and into the trailer. When moving large bulky items like furniture, equipment, appliances and more, this makes moving much more difficult.
  • The potential for damage: With the Horizontal Lift system, the storage container never tilts when it is lifted onto the truck. This prevents items inside of the storage container from being shifted or moved. This is not the case for a pick-up truck, though. Since the opening of the trailer is a few feet off of the ground, items either must be lifted into the truck manually, or transported on the ramp. This leaves much more room for human error when lifting items into the truck. Additionally, when moving items up the ramp and into the truck, it increases the chance of items tilting and getting damaged during the move.
  • Customer service: When you purchase a Horizontal Lift system, you are buying from a team that has your company’s best interest at heart. We want to help our customers succeed, which is why we offer many different training tools to help them learn the Horizontal Lift system. Not only do give all customers an operating manual, we also have helpful YouTube videos online and even offer to do an in-person training with you and your team!

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