Our Lift

Our Portable Storage
Delivery System

Our patented lift is designed to adapt to different portable storage containers from multiple manufacturers. It works with up to 8 foot wide containers, 16 and 20 foot long containers, and can lift up to 10,000 lbs. Our lift is 100% hydraulically controlled. Pick up and delivery is simple and fast.

  • Horizontal Lift Co offers a storage lift system that can fit any container on the market

  • Engineered for a durable long lasting business

  • Freedom to operate your lift on your own terms without burdensome fees

5 Reasons Why The Horizontal Lift is the Right Hydraulic Lift for You

  1. You take home 5-10% more without having to pay franchise or dealership fees

  2. Our hydraulic lift is engineered to never stop working for you

  3. It is easy and safe to operate

  4. You will have the most advanced storage lift system on the market

  5. More versatility and adaptability equals increased business performance

Mobile vs. Self Storage

The truth is, mobile storage will not do away with self-storage anytime soon.

This does not mean that mobile storage is in any way inferior. In fact, it offers distinct advantages when compared to self-storage. The best advantage mobile storage offers is range.

Improved Range and Access to Customers

A traditional self-storage operator usually gets customers from a 5-mile radius. Up to 80% of customers come from this distance, putting a premium on location.

A mobile storage operator can cover a 30 mile radius with the same efficacy. This means where you headquarter your business is not as important. This improved range also allows you to reach customers that self-storage operators can’t. There are storage customers who, because of location, are not profitable for self-storage. This is where the opportunity lies in mobile storage.

One Tenth the Cost to Start Your Business

For those looking to start their own mobile business, cost is key. Mobile storage is the most effective way to start a storage business. It is about one tenth the cost of self-storage.

Easy to Operate and Scale!

Mobile storage is also easier to operate. Consumers do not have to rent moving trucks or schedule move-ins with mobile storage. This makes logistics and scaling much easier than traditional self-storage.

Financing Available

Visit our partner, ClearView Financial to learn how you can get the most competitive and lease options for your Horizontal Lift.

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