Moving Mobile Storage Containers: Living Up to Expectations

The road to success isn’t paved with good intentions; it’s paved with hard work, dedication, and concerted efforts. When customers contract you to deliver¬†mobile storage containers¬†to their door, they do so with a host of expectations in mind. Living up to these expectations can be a challenge, but knowing what they are can help you prepare for and execute the customer experience they desire.

Clear and Precise Billing

Customers should never have to guess how much your mobile storage containers and moving solutions are going to cost. This information should be presented in a clear, precise, and easily understood format. Doing so removes the guesswork on their end and prevents any shocks or surprises from tarnishing the experience.

Pure Professionalism

Customers expect that your crews will deliver the mobile storage containers on time, and deliver them to their final destination on time. Customers expect that every ounce of care will be taken from pick-up to delivery and that your teams will treat their possessions as if they were worthy of display in the Louvre.

To ensure you meet their expectations, your teams should be well-versed in moving protocols, standards, and techniques. The best way to achieve this is to schedule regular training with employees and to promptly correct any deficiencies in their knowledge or actions.

Ready Access to Information

Customers in the 21st century want information…and they want it now. Your business needs to be able to live up to this expectation at every step of the moving process. Clients should be able to access their account via a mobile friendly website that tells them where their mobile storage containers are, who is transporting it, and when it is going to arrive at their front door.

Follow Through, and Follow Up

Do what you say you are going to do, and make sure that you do everything you can to deliver the services and quality you promise to your clients. When there are bumps in the road, own up to them and explain the situation as clearly and honestly as you can to clients. For example, if a storm washes away a bridge and delays the delivery, let clients know as soon as possible what the situation is. Similarly, if your truck is involved in an accident and their container takes a header down the highway, inform clients of the situation and begin the process of helping them file their moving insurance claim.

Finally, follow up with all of your clients when the move is over. Good experiences should be emulated, and bad experiences should be lessons that you learn from. Even the grumpiest curmudgeon will appreciate a follow-up phone call as this gives them an opportunity to voice their frustrations while giving you an opportunity to tell them how you will address their concerns to improve your services.

Reward Your Loyal Customers

You can offer theater tickets in the city where your clients are moving to, or you could offer a rebate for cleaning the container prior to returning it, and you can certainly give existing clients a check for making a referral that turned into a new client. Customers like to receive rewards and they expect to be rewarded for using your services.

Clients who rent mobile storage containers have plenty of expectations in mind when they make the call. In addition to ease and affordability, they expect the experience to be straight forward and hassle free. While you can’t meet everyone’s expectations, the more you listen to your clients and strive to incorporate their input into your operations, the greater the success you will achieve.

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