Moving Company Tips: Branding Beats Franchising

Growing the business is the goal of every entrepreneur. There are many ways business owners can go about this, and when the time comes, many consider franchising their operation as they expand into new markets. Many consider franchising a “silver bullet” that will facilitate rapid growth and higher profits. The reality is that franchising a business isn’t as solid a strategy as focusing on branding and opening additional owner control outlets.

The Best Businesses are Built on Branding

Effective branding allows you to send a message without sending a message. When you think of companies such as Nike, Burger King, Apple, you know what to expect before you purchase their products. These companies and others are known for their products, services, and quality because of effective branding strategies.

Branding takes time and never happens overnight. An effective branding strategy adheres to the following principles:

  • Focus on the Audience. Targeting your demographics with consistent messaging is crucial. It is crucial that every marketing message be easily read, understood, and acted upon.
  • Follow Through on Commitments. Always keep the customer’s needs at the forefront of your operations. Deliver what you promise at the price you agree to provide services for. If you make a mistake or take a loss, own it, learn from it, and move forward.
  • Image Crafting and Development. Perception is life and death in the 21st-century business landscape. It is crucial that you understand how your customers view your business and strive to craft the image you want your business to carry. This means developing and adjusting your brand voice, marketing materials, and imagery so that it resonates the right way.
  • Distinction and Differentiation. Every business has competitors. You should always know how your business stacks up against the competition. This information can be used to help you carve your own name into the area landscape so that your business and the services you offer can shine.

The Faults of Franchising

It is quite common for businesses to consider expansion through franchising once they have the image set the way they want, and the messaging is resonating with consumers the way it needs to. However, there are a number of downsides that present themselves when a business franchises their operations.

When a business franchises there is a considerable loss of operational control. While training and rock solid franchise agreements can help keep things moving in the direction you want, you will have little to no say in day-to-day operations. It also becomes harder to control the consistency of the messaging and brand development. Indeed, it is not uncommon for franchisees to “stray from the path.” When you franchise to increase moving company profitability, you put your entire brand reputation on the line for a fraction of the profit. It is simply not a wise investment.

Branding & Building is a Better Way

The best way to increase moving company profitability is to brand your business and build your own facilities that will remain under your direct operational control. Owner operators who follow this strategy and play the “long game” are the most successful in the industry.

Once a business brand is established, it is relatively easy to use that reputation as a springboard into new markets within the area. Over time, growth radiates outwards from the core operation. The close proximity of the business with satellite sites that are established makes it possible to retain full control over the brand image and reputation. In the end, that is the key to moving company profitability whether you have one operation or 100 that you are responsible for.

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