3 Benefits of Adding Mobile Storage to a Full-Service Moving Companies

A person from a moving company holding a boxAs an owner or employee of a full-service moving company, you are part of an industry that helps move an estimated 35 million Americans from house to new home every year. There is never a shortage of customers looking to relocate, so there is a huge benefit in expanding to add a DIY mobile storage option. Mobile storage allows you to reach more of those 35 million movers and offer them features they want, which can make you more money.

The Perks of Adding Mobile Storage Services to Your Moving Company

  1. Tap into a larger mover market: Did you know that 72% of moves are DIY moves? A DIY move is when movers are not involved and instead use a friend’s truck, a U-Haul or another pack yourself option. For DIY movers, mobile storage is a great option. The container simply shows up at your house, you load it and it is then moved to the storage facility where it stays until you need it. Additionally, another option is for the storage container to be brought to your new home where you can empty out the items you want, and then the rest of your belongings will be transferred to the storage facility for safe keeping.
  2. Flexibility in container storage: One of the best parts about adding a mobile storage option to your traditional moving company is that you don’t need to own a warehouse to store the storage containers. Your storage containers can be placed somewhere as convenient as the parking lot of your business until they are ready to be transported to the customer again.
  3. Experience with truck logistics: Moving companies that own their own trucks have the knowledge of and experience with the trucking logistics needed to implement a mobile storage option. You already understand how to hire drivers, how to buy trucks, and what to expect with fuel charges. This gives you a competitive advantage when entering into the market.

Are You Ready to Learn More About Mobile Lift Options?

Have you decided that adding a mobile storage option to your moving business is the next move for you? If so, you are likely in the market for storage containers and a storage lift system. That’s where we come into play.

The Horizontal Lift system is the only patented, non-franchise, non-dealership, no-tilt storage lift system that is able to adapt to different storage container sizes. Being able to adjust to different sizes of storage containers allows you to give your customers more flexible and convenient options. Talk to us about what the Horizontal Lift system can do for your business.

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