Why Right Now is a Great Time to be in the Mobile Storage Business

One word: millennials. Consisting of 80 million individuals, not only is the millennial generation the largest consumer demographic in the country, it is uniquely predisposed to value the services you offer as a mobile storage company.
So, who exactly are “the millennials” and how should your mobile storage business target them? Keep scrolling and we’ll explore these questions together.

Who Are Millennials?

Roughly speaking, people born between 1982 and 2004 are classified as millennials. This tech-savvy generation is known for being extremely well-connected, instant-gratification-seeking risk takers. This makes them ideal customers for the mobile self storage solutions you offer. And, knowing how best to speak their language by addressing what really matters to them can separate your business from traditional self storage companies. Here are three millennial characteristics that could really work to your advantage:

1. Millennials Take Longer to Buy Homes

Millennials are taking longer to buy homes than previous generations. The rising cost of college tuition has left many millennials with large amounts of debt that they are unable to dig out of. As a result, millennials tend to hop from apartment to apartment, or in some cases, back to a parent’s house. This makes self storage an increasingly attractive option for lots of young adults. Why? Millennials who move back home with mom or dad or into small apartments are often unable to fit all of their furniture and personal items inside of their new homes. As a result, they end up seeking extra storage space.

2. Millennials Take Longer to Settle Down

Millennials are not afraid of taking risks personally, as well as professionally. They’re known for hopping from job to job and often relocating in the process. This is what makes your mobile self storage company such an attractive solution. Millennials going from location to location love the convenience of a mobile storage unit because it can easily travel with them—no matter where life takes them. Targeting millennials means you are targeting an age group of potential customers that are more likely than other generations to need the service that you provide.

3. Millennials Have Less Money to Spend

Millennials have less disposable income and can’t afford to replace their expensive items if they are damaged. If you’ve ever moved before, you know how easy it is for items to be damaged in the moving process. Put yourself in their shoes for a second. You just spent the better part of a day packing a mobile storage container, making sure everything is positioned safely and securely for transport. Then, the day of your move, the truck pulls up to your home, grabs ahold of your storage container with its lift system and proceeds to tilt and jostle it until it finally lands with a disheartening crash. Is your new 4K TV ok? Did your grandmother’s dresser get knocked over? Maybe, maybe not. You won’t know until you unpack.

Now consider the alternative experience. Instead of a standard lift system, you pull up to your customer’s home with a truck equipped with a no-tilt horizontal lift system. The items your customer so carefully packed for hours upon hours are loaded into the container and the container is lifted onto the truck without it tilting. In this scenario, the sour taste the customer had of watching their items tilt in the storage container is no longer there.

Give Millennials what they want: Choose a Horizontal Lift system

Millennials are all over social media. This can be both good and bad for your business. Social media serves as an easy advertising platform for business, and this is something millennials are well aware of. Customers want to know that their items are being taken care of during their move. Your customers don’t necessarily care what type of storage container lift system you use. What they will care about, however, is the way a no-tilt container lift system reduces the possibility of damage. If a millennial sees videos of the safety features on a Horizontal Lift hydraulic lift system, they may be more inclined to rent a mobile storage unit from a business who uses this lift.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, if a millennial had a bad experience with a mobile storage business, they are more likely to share their experience online. This can be extremely damaging to your company, as bad reviews can deter new business.

So, when you are choosing a hydraulic lift system for your mobile storage business, choose one that will give the largest group of potential customers exactly what they need. Contact Horizontal Lift today to learn more about our lift systems.

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