Marketing Portable Storage Containers to Home Buyers and Sellers

Marketing Portable Storage Containers to Home Buyers and SellersMarketing portable storage to home buyers and sellers is at the core of your success as a mobile storage business. These are your “bread and butter,” so to speak, and it’s important that your marketing focuses on the specific needs of each demographic.

Marketing to Home Buyers

Home buyers have a lot on their minds: reviewing property listings, attending open houses, filling out mortgage applications, figuring out what to do with their possessions when it comes time to move, etc. It’s a lot to think through.

Your marketing objective is to show them how your portable storage solutions make it easier for them to move once they are ready. Convenience and cost are your strongest assets in this regard. Portable storage containers can be on their property in minutes, and it is something they can fill up at their convenience. Once it is filled, it can be loaded up and delivered to your facilities for temporary storage, or delivered to the home where it can be unloaded when they are ready.

This means they don’t have to hire movers, nor do they have to pay a moving company to haul their possessions. That leads to savings of both time and money on their part. As such, your marketing efforts should focus on the cost savings and convenience that portable storage offers. For customers, it means one less thing they have to think about, and it means they can move into their new home just as quickly as they can unlock the front door.

Marketing to Home Sellers

Home sellers are in a slightly different position than home buyers are. Their first priority is going to be decluttering their home in order to attract a buyer. They never know when that buyer is going to appear. It could be days, weeks, or months before they receive an offer.

This uncertainty means that the flexibility of mobile storage is something home sellers truly appreciate. This coupled with the fact that they don’t have to haul it away means they have more time to focus on staging and selling their home. As with buyers, portable storage gives them the convenience to sort and declutter their possessions on their own schedule. It gives them the flexibility to determine what they want to store and what goes to the garage sale. For home sellers, this is a valuable convenience that is worth its weight in gold.

When the home seller is ready to move, a fair amount of their possessions are already packed and waiting in your storage facilities for delivery to their new home. By offering discounts and other incentives to home sellers currently using your services, you can increase the likelihood that they will use your portable storage solutions for the rest of their move… when they become home buyers on the other side of the coin.

Getting the Word Out

Real estate agents are your best friend when it comes to marketing to buyers and sellers alike. Thus, establishing relationships with area real estate agencies can go a long way towards spreading the word about your business. Building these relationships gives you an opportunity to display your marketing materials in front of vast numbers of potential clients. Most importantly, the word-of-mouth recommendation the agents will provide on your behalf practically seals the deal.

At the end of the day, marketing to home buyers and sellers isn’t all that different. Convenience, cost, and flexibility are their primary concerns. The better your marketing materials speak to these needs, the greater the return on your marketing investment will be.

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