Marketing Moving and Mobile Storage to College Students

College students are a demographic that can be a challenge to market to. However, if your business is located in or near a college town, it can be well-worth the effort to learn how to reach and engage them as they can provide a considerable boost to the bottom line of your mobile storage business.

Gear Up Your Efforts on a Seasonal Basis

College students start school in August and they graduate in May. To reach this demographic in these times, you need to gear up your marketing efforts in March and June when college students begin planning their next move. It is also a good idea to launch a limited campaign in October-November to reach the handful of students who will graduate during the mid-term.

Engage On Social Media

Make a concerted effort to link your business with the social media pages of the university and businesses that cater specifically to college students in your area. Connecting yourself to the Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn accounts most relevant to the college student demographic can help increase awareness of your brand. Most importantly, by being connected to the groups and pages college students patronize and respect, it creates credibility and trust that can generate business.

It can also be a good idea to utilize targeted social media ads. These can help you reach out to college students in the area who are not active with student clubs, organizations, etc.

Offer Incentives

College students aren’t the most affluent demographic, and cold hard cash is something they truly appreciate when it comes time to move. This makes them a demographic that is likely to take an active interest in referral and affiliate programs. As such, it is worth your time to reach out to fraternities, sororities, and student clubs. These groups will actively promote your business to their fellow students via their social media pages, newsletters, email, etc.

Price Carefully

College students are a demographic that is highly sensitive to costs and their budget. With little “wiggle room,” they need to know exactly how much it is going to cost to contract your mobile storage solutions. As such, it is wise to advertise the total cost of your services including taxes, fees, etc. For example, saying something along the lines of “$59.99, all fees and costs included” This removes any doubt or questions in their mind and because the information is clear-cut and concise, they know exactly how your services fit into their budget.

Reach Out to the Alumni Association

It is not uncommon for alumni to remain in the area after graduation, especially if you live in a large city. As such, it is a good idea to make a solid connection with the alumni association. Former students who see you actively engaged with their school will appreciate the efforts you make that strengthen their alma mater.

Show Your School Colors

Donating money and services to university clubs and events will do wonders for promoting your brand image on campus. Make sure that you take every opportunity to get your business seen at games, competitions, picnics, and other events hosted by the university.

A final thing you can do that is kind of fun is to create gift packages similar to those the neighborhood “Welcome Wagon” used to create for students coming to school or “entering the real world.” Including simple items like toothbrushes, lint rollers, band aids, breath mints, tape, snacks, deodorant, coupon books, and other fun little things college students can use will generate goodwill for your mobile storage business and is likely to get mentioned to their friends.

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