Marketing Mobile Storage as Part of Your Moving Services

Adding mobile storage to your existing moving operations is a wise move that will open the doors to considerable opportunities. When you add mobile moving services, it is a good idea to focus on the ways the new services augment your existing operations. There are many ways to do this, including:

Compare Costs & Features

Cost is a significant factor for the majority of customers. Even if a customer is flush with cash, that doesn’t mean they don’t want the biggest bang for their buck. The best way for you to clear the air is to create a side-by-side comparison of the costs and features of the moving options you offer. This can give clients a quick and easy reference they can use to determine which of your services and options are ideally suited for their needs.

Compare Mobile Storage to Self-Storage

While it’s not as big a problem as it was when mobile storage first entered the arena, many potential customers still have a misconception that mobile storage is the same as self-storage. They are, of course, very different options. For this reason, it’s still worth taking the time to discuss the differences between using mobile moving containers and traditional brick-and-mortar self-storage.

Concentrate on the Benefits

Your marketing materials should zero in on the benefits of adding mobile storage to your operations. Discussing flexibility, convenience, cost savings, etc. is definitely going to get the attention of potential customers. By putting the benefits front and center, you will effectively explain to customers that your decision to include mobile storage options is a significant benefit to them.

…But Don’t Shy Away from Concerns

While you should keep your marketing tone upbeat and positive, you have to address the shades of gray that still exist in many customer’s minds. These include the following common concerns:

  • Where will the container be stored?
  • How is the container secured against theft/damage/weather?
  • What if the container gets lost?
  • What if the container is delivered to the wrong address?

Addressing these and other concerns in a straightforward and direct manner will not only gain the trust of potential clients, it will gain their confidence. Your answers will show them exactly how you operate and what they can expect from your mobile storage offerings.

Create Moving Primers

Because each move is different, even experienced customers don’t always know what they want when it comes to moving solutions. Creating apps and questionnaires that act as sherpas to guide them through their choices is a solid marketing strategy. By allowing clients to check a box here, pick an option there, and review their options at the end of the questionnaire is a great way to help them zero in on the perfect solution for their needs.

Promote Diversity

Mobile storage is still relatively new and not every moving company offers it. This creates an opportunity for companies that are located in areas where the service is unique. If your business is located in an area where you will be the only mobile storage company, or one of only a couple companies, the uniqueness of your services is something you definitely want to impress upon potential clients.

At the end of the day, mobile storage services should be marketed as an additional service/option rather than merely as a replacement for more traditional moving services. By doing so, you show customers that you can still offer them the same services and features they depend on; and that you can do everything they need and do it in the “old way” or the “new way” which is more convenient and cost-effective.

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