Making Mobile Storage Signage Work for You

Making Mobile Storage Signage Work for You“Signs, signs, everywhere there are signs…” The question is, do your customers see your signs amidst all the signage they see on a daily basis? In today’s world where signs are everywhere, it is more important than ever to create signage for your mobile storage business that stands out from the crowd. The more creative and attractive your signs are, the greater the impact they will have on your bottom line.

Choose Your Colors Carefully

Your mobile storage signs need to stand out not only from the signs in the community, but from the environment as well. Choose colors that clash with the background so that the signs won’t become camouflaged within the landscape. Use the color wheel to design a color that no one else has. Coke created “Coke Red,” and McDonald’s created the famous golden hue that makes their arches world famous. Don’t be afraid to mix and blend a color that is 100% unique to your business. It just might become the hallmark of your brand.

Equally as important is to create contrasts within the sign itself. Choose background colors and colors for text and structural elements so that people who see the sign can quickly identify your business name and contact information. The greater the contrast, the easier it will be for readers to locate and remember how to get in touch with you—and that is the most important element of mobile storage signage.

Make It Big

Size matters when it comes to your signage. You want your signs to be easy to read at great distances because motorists driving by will often have just a few seconds to spot and identify them. If you want to be seen, letters need to be 10 inches high for every 100 feet of distance between the reader and the sign. Moreover, make sure to select a font that has a significant breadth. Always remember that thin fonts are hard to see, even in broad daylight.

Illuminate Your Business

Road signage should always be illuminated. This expands your marketing presence, even after the sun has gone down. Of course, your most prevalent signage will be your mobile storage units themselves. Using a reflective logo will shine a light on your business, even after the sun has sunk below the horizon. This expands your marketing reach considerably, and since few companies use reflective logos, your business will most certainly shine above the rest.

Remember, Less is More

Don’t design a sign that is so extravagant and intricate that it’s difficult to ascertain the details. Intricate designs and words galore distract from the message. The only message you want prospective clients focusing on is your business, your services, and your contact information. Use a catchy slogan, couple it with a large logo, and ice the cake with your phone number. Nothing more, nothing less.

Make a Mock-Up

Invest the time and money required to make a mock-up sign of your main business and those that you will put on your mobile storage units before you produce the final versions. Test these out in the field to ensure that they possess the visual appeal and readability you desire. If the sign doesn’t work, head back to the drawing board until you find one that does.

Mobile storage signage is no different than other signage. Take the time to develop signage that is unique to your business and your services. The more effort you invest in the process, the greater the results it will yield in the form of your bottom line and brand growth.

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