Lowest Cost No-Tilt Portable Storage Delivery System

Portable Storage delivery system

Portable Storage Delivery System – Horizontal Lift

Why pay more if you don’t need to? Horizontal Lift Company offers one of the lowest cost no-tilt portable storage delivery system on the market while also being the most versatile. In addition to the low cost and versatility our lift is simple to operate, durable and dependable. HLC’s delivery system is made in America, with quality parts, top of the line manufacturers, and comes with a two year warranty.


The cost of our lift is $59,900 installed turnkey on a truck you provide (ask for truck specifications). At 59k HLC offers one of the lowest cost, no-tilt lifts on the market.  According to my research $75,000 is the next lowest cost (if you know of a lower please let me know at Michael@HorizontalLift.com), this 75k lift is also not including the truck.


The versatility and adaptability is what sets HLC’s portable storage delivery system apart from the rest. This lift works with 16’ and 20’ containers, 7’6” wide to the full 8’ wide. It adapts to all structurally sound containers, regular portable storage industry type, and ISO type. (ISO type is the ocean going cargo containers).   ISO has a lot of promise for your business and we are still finding new models of containers and business applications (I will cover all of these in an upcoming blog). With all of these options you would think this lift would be complicated, but it is not. How to operate: back up to a container, hook up the front and back of the container, lift container up and pull forward, secure to chassis, then drive off.


The Horizontal Lift System is 100% manufactured in America. Most of the supplies are made in America (I would say 80-90%).   We strive for a 90-day turn around from the day you place your order to the day you receive your truck with the lift installed. Horizontal Lift Co. is proud of this and is extremely confident in the quality of our suppliers, manufacturers, and final product. For more information contact Michael Johnson at Michael@HorizontalLift.com, or 334-444-8155.

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