Looking Ahead: Planning for Self Storage Property Improvements

Looking Ahead: Planning for Self Storage Property ImprovementsThe busy season for storage is coming up quickly, and that means prospective customers will be checking out your self storage business to see if they want to leave their belongings there. Leaving most of what you own in storage can be daunting, and having a clean, secure place to put everything can be more comforting. Before your facility has to compete, take some time to get it ready and plan ahead for future improvements.

Doors and Units

Inspect all the doors and empty units in the facility. For unoccupied units, clean out the interiors, ensuring the floors and walls are in good condition. Replace wooden doors that are dented, and replace hinges or lock covers that are bent or missing. For occupied units, inspect the exteriors of the doors and notify the tenants of any repairs you’ll have to make.

The Office

Spruce up the self storage business office by giving the entire area a thorough dusting, especially if you have packing supplies for sale in there. Repaint the walls if needed, and replace floor tiles if any are chipped. Since repainting will likely require people to be out of the office for a few days, plan well in advance and give all of your tenants notice of when the office will be closed. Alternatively, set up a portable office for those few days.

Gates, Keypads, and Security

Double-check that all gates and security keypads are in good order. Ensure all doors to stairwells and ground-floor hallways are closing completely when you let go of the knobs. A big security issue can occur if these doors do not close all the way when left to close on their own. You want them locking automatically.

Landscaping and Grounds

Trim the landscaping, especially fast-growing plants that have new spring growth rocketing up. This will not only make the facility look nicer, but it will also reduce the number of hiding places for pests. Also clean any trash and recycling receptacles on the property so that they don’t smell or look stained.

The Roof

It’s time for a roof inspection, especially if you work in an area prone to spring and summer storms. Have any urgent problems patched immediately, and start budgeting for a roof replacement or more involved repairs if needed. Of course, if you can fully repair the roof now, do so.

Pest Control

Seasonal changes bring with them new pest issues, so have your pest control company give the complex a thorough going over. Patch holes in walls, remove leaf debris, and ensure that there are no signs of infestations in or around the property.

One feature you might want to add is portable storage. That will allow people to store items while you are getting those empty units ready for occupancy. Portable units work well for short-term storage, too, so if you have a lot of people asking about storage for less than a month, you may want to have portable storage available all year long.

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