Keeping Up Appearances: 7 Areas That Require Year-Round Attention

Keeping Up Appearances: 7 Areas That Require Year-Round AttentionAttracting tenants to a self storage business requires not only good prices and service, but also clean, operational facilities. Dusty or damaged doors, rusted gates, and overgrown landscaping aren’t going to win you any friends. It’s best to keep a schedule of what to do and when. Here’s a look at a sample maintenance schedule.


Daily maintenance of the office should include dusting, stocking the copier and printer with paper, and general tidying. Vacuum or sweep the floors weekly; check the stock in the office if you sell packing and moving supplies. Double-check the hinges and lock on the front door monthly, and wash the windows. Every three to four months, dust off fan blades and check the chairs to ensure they’re not coming apart.


Check that the bathrooms have enough toilet paper, soap, and toweling at least a couple of times per day. At the end of the day, give each bathroom a basic cleaning: take out the trash and wipe down counters, toilets, and floors. Weekly maintenance can include a more thorough cleaning; clean mirrors and tackle dispensers, and every few weeks, clean all of the stall doors and walls.

Lots and Gates

Circle the parking lot, facility grounds, and entrances and exits every day to ensure there’s no trash and no one’s abandoned belongings. Sweep up dirt and dust daily. Inspect the locks on the gates and test them each day, and test elevator and door keypads. Check all light bulbs inside and outside of the buildings and replace any that are burned out, and don’t forget the timers on the lights, if any.

Look over the buildings, doors, and locks daily to see if anything needs repair; complete a more thorough inspection of the buildings weekly. If you see signs of pests, call in pest control; otherwise, have a pest company do preventative maintenance once a month. Wash windows and wash down floors and driveways every month as well.

Units and Doors

If a unit is unoccupied, check inside each day to ensure everything looks normal. Weekly, take a flashlight into the vacant units to check for and remove webs; call in pest control if needed. Also walk the floors inside the units to see if there are any weak spots.

If this seems like a lot, one option you may want to add is portable storage. These units are often very easy to clean, and they’re made of metal, so rotting wood or holes aren’t issues. They’re also generally rather compact, so inspecting them would take less time.

The Roof

Daily, look up at the ceiling to spot signs of leaks. Yearly, you should have the roof on each building inspected. You don’t want your self storage business customers to end up with water damage.


In addition to walking around and sweeping up leaf debris daily, check the landscaping weekly for signs of pests and damage. Have a landscaping company come in every week to care for the plants and mow grass, and switch out annual plants as needed to keep the landscaping looking fresh. As the seasons change, have the landscapers prepare the plants for upcoming changes in weather.

Golf Cart (If Any)

If you use a golf cart to get around the facility, wipe it down daily. Take it in for maintenance quarterly.

Running a self storage business takes constant care, but it won’t be a chore if you pace yourself and follow a schedule. A clean, functional facility is more likely to be viewed positively by potential customers, so start making those daily rounds.

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