Instagram or Pinterest: Which Is Best for Your Moving Company?

Social media is evolving, and it seems like there’s a continual stream of new platforms and options for businesses to pursue. While it may be tempting to try and jump on every bandwagon that comes along, the reality is that doing so can spread you thin and dilute your efforts. When it comes to moving company innovation, the best strategy is to move forward armed with the knowledge of how to use each platform without spinning your wheels.

Decision Time: Pinterest or Instagram?

If you plan on producing your own content and sharing photos of your facilities, projects, etc., then Instagram is definitely a better option. Pinterest is more about sharing ideas and information from other brands, whereas Instagram users are more interested in seeing fresh, original content from the companies they purchase from.

Naturally, many businesses want to generate web traffic from their Instagram and Pinterest accounts. In this regard, Pinterest has a slight advantage. The site makes it easy to link each “pin” to a website, whereas Instagram allows you to do this only within the bio.

Another factor to consider is the demographic of each platform. Pinterest users are overwhelmingly women and made up largely of 18-34 year olds. The split on Instagram is more even with men and women, as well as all age demographics represented more evenly. Thus, a crucial determining factor is researching how this information matches with your core client base.

You will also want to consider engagement. After all, the purpose of social media is to spark a conversation. Instagram tends to edge out Pinterest in this regard. It’s easy to design posts that elicit opinions and generate conversations that you can use to improve your services and streamline your operations.

You Don’t Have to Choose…

There’s that old saying about having your cake and eating it, too. Services such as Hubspot and others make it easy for you to schedule and share posts across all of your social media platforms. This saves time and ultimately money while still giving you full representation on everything from Facebook to Pinterest. In fact, this may be the most important moving company innovation of them all; it’s like having another key team member that you can always count on to get the job done.

If you do choose to use both, it’s wise to determine the best ways for you to use each and the different goals you wish to attain by the use of both platforms. For example, use Pinterest to generate web traffic and conversions, and use Instagram to create conversation and mine for ideas that you can use to improve your offerings. Identifying what you hope to achieve with each platform will make it easier for you to track your success and to adjust course as you see fit.

Always Tie Social Media Together

Your social media strategy should include a healthy usage of the largest platforms available. The information shared on each should be germane across the board. Moving company innovation shouldn’t be limited to just one channel, and indeed the following are the reasons moving companies should use the following channels:

  • YouTube – Creating short, informational videos can go a long way towards boosting your image and promoting your brand. Pay attention to your scripting and camera work, and your viewer base will grow and grow.
  • Pinterest/Instagram – Fantastic for spreading interesting and easily digested visual information over a wide audience.
  • Facebook – Wonderful for sparking conversation and building both brand image and customer awareness.
  • Twitter – Makes it possible to share quick information about sales/promotions/and policy changes with existing and prospective clients.

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