How to Use Video to Promote Mobile Storage

How to Use Video to Promote Mobile StorageA picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth ten times that. The promotional value of a video is most certainly worth its weight in gold. A well-designed video can be used to great effect to inform customers about the details of your operations and what they can expect when they contract your services.

The Basics of Video & Business

Start by highlighting your products. Detailed shots of your containers, lift system operation, and storage facilities will answer your customer’s key questions about your operations. Going over the who, what, where, when, and how will tell your customers exactly why they need to contract your services.

It is a good idea to create multiple videos for your business. Naturally, you will want to create an advertisement detailing your services, pricing, and any special offers. You should also create “how to” videos that show how to pack/prepare a mobile storage container. Videos that offer tips and suggestions consumers can use will prove to be quite valuable.

It is advisable to create a template you can use when you go to create your videos. This can speed up production and reduce the overall cost. With a template, you simply plug in the new information as it changes while the key elements, such as your company branding and closing, stay the same.

Finally, a video is nothing without a soundtrack. It is a good idea to incorporate music in the background of your videos. Choose something that reflects your business statement and the image you want to portray to your customers. This music should play softly in the background so that it doesn’t overpower the details of your advertisement.

Going Professional or “Do it Yourself”

Advertisements should always be done by a professional. It is an investment you won’t want to skimp on. However, you can do your “how to” videos in-house using programs such as Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Voice, or Animoto. These programs are user-friendly and can put together high-quality videos in short order.

Regularity and Consistency are Key

“This Old House” wasn’t the most exciting television show in history, but it was consistent. Each week, viewers knew exactly what they could expect from Bob Vila and his crew. The same is true in the mobile storage industry. It is not the most exciting topic, but consumers looking for helpful tips and useful information will be eager to watch. By developing a regular posting schedule and a consistent format, you will create both brand recognition and brand authority. These are invaluable when building a business. When done correctly, your videos will form a tangible link between your products and services and the myriad of ways your clients benefit from your expertise.

Building Reach

Making high-value videos is only half the battle. You have to get the information in front of consumers. To do this, develop relationships with local real estate agencies, moving companies, the Chamber of Commerce, etc. Your videos should be posted to Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook, etc., and linked to from as many sources as possible.

Finally, do more of what works, and drop what doesn’t work. Regularly poll your audience to discover what they like and what they don’t like in your videos. This valuable insight can help you better position your mobile storage business in the minds of consumers. This information will help you determine what you can do in regard to length, content, or tone that will improve the value of the videos within your target audience.

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