Portable Storage Container Lift System Training for your Mobile Self Storage Business

A Horizontal Lift system ready to lift a mobile storage containerThe unknown can be scary. And when that unknown is operating a container lift system that weighs thousands of pounds, that fear can seem justified. If the learning curve involved in operating a level lift system has stopped you from purchasing one for your mobile self storage business, Horizontal Lift has a solution for you. In order to help our customers succeed with their container lift system, we put together various training resources available to our customers. This training has the option to be in person, or we can send you helpful videos and documents.

Your success is our success. We value all of our customers and want to be viewed as a resource for their success.

Quick Tip for Training Success in the Mobile Self Storage Business

Be Strategic with Training: One of our biggest suggestions to all of our customers is that the owner of the mobile storage business, or someone who is very high up, understand how to operate the mobile lift system. Employee turnover in the industry happens and having someone high up who understands how to work the lift can be very beneficial.

Methods of Container Lift System Training

  1. In-Person Training of the Horizontal Lift System: After you purchase a Horizontal Lift system, we are happy to visit you and your team for an on-site demonstration. In recent years, we have seen many customers opt out of this option due to the thoroughness of our other training resources.
  2. Check Out Our YouTube Videos: In order to better explain how the Horizontal Lift system operates, we created YouTube videos that demonstrate various functions of the system. For example, we have videos on:
    The Safety of the Horizontal Lift System
    Turning on the Wireless Control
    Tilt Function of Horizontal Lift
    Unloading a Container
  3. Horizontal Lift Operating Manual: As a quick reference guide, we also put together a Horizontal Lift Operating Manual. This breaks downs step by step how to deliver a container and how to pick up a container. This document is very thorough and can be left inside of the Horizontal Lift system for a quick reference guide.

The Horizontal Lift Team is Here for You

Horizontal Lift is here to help you have success in the mobile storage industry. Our Horizontal Lift system is the superior lifting system in the industry. Unlike traditional lift systems, the system does not tilt and does not require a special dock in order to be accessed. The system is also compatible with all different sized portable storage containers, so the scope of your business will not be limited by the type of storage container used. Are you interested in learning more about the Horizontal Lift system? Contact us today!

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