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portable storage delivery system

Portable Storage Delivery System – Horizontal Lift Co

Welcome to the re-launch of the Horizontal Lift website! We have updated the website to make it more user-friendly and inviting to our customers! Horizontal Lift is a safe and effective way to delivery portable storage units. The portable storage delivery system will smoothly and without tilting, lift a customer’s items onto the mobile storage transport truck giving you and the customer peace-of-mind that their belongings are safe while in transport to the storage facility.

Why is The Horizontal Lift’s Portable Storage Delivery System Different?
The Horizontal Lift’s portable storage delivery system is the only patented, none franchise, none dealership, no tilt lift designed to adapt to different sized mobile storage containers from different container manufacturers. Our container attachment, which allows our lift to work with different sized mobile storage containers is easy to install on any container. The portable storage delivery system is able to work with mobile containers up to 8 feet wide and 16-20 feet long. The lift, which is hydraulically controlled, can lift up to 10,000 pounds.

Mobile Storage and Horizontal Lift Systems
Mobile storage is a great opportunity for self storage operators who want to extend the reach of their business beyond the 5 mile radius of a traditional self storage location. Mobile storage gives the flexibility to help customers 30 or more miles away from your self storage facility. Expand your business’s reach and help your customers eliminate the stress of moving and storage by having a mobile storage option.

The Horizontal Lift’s portable storage delivery system has been successfully tested at Storage World on Wheels since 2009 in the Atlanta area. Mobile storage from Storage World on Wheels makes it easy for the customer, both commercial and residential, to pack up their items for on site storage or for transport to a storage facility.

Stay tuned to our newly created blog for more information about Horizontal Lift and our upcoming roadshow! Please contact us via the contact form listed below or call us directly at 678-929-5332. Horizontal Lift makes moving and storing belongings simple and easy for your customers!

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