The Creation of the Horizontal Lift Company

Jack Johnson stands by a Horizontal Lift truckOver the last several months we have had readers ask us about our story. How did the Horizontal Lift Company start and why? We thought it appropriate to share our story to let people know why we put our heart and soul into this company.

Jack Johnson’s Dream

Jack Johnson is the owner of the Horizontal Lift Company. Jack started building and operating self-storage facilities in Alabama and Georgia around 1997. By the late 1990’s and into the early 2000’s mobile storage was being introduced to the self-storage market as a new revenue stream and as an add-on to their business. Mobile storage made a lot of sense to Jack and he began to research the industry.

The system should be able to use any container the owner decided to use and not be stuck with just one type of container. The cherry on top would be a system that could pick up 20’ containers and smaller, including 20’ ISO shipping containers. Since Jack grew up on a small farm in rural Alabama and knew how tough and reliable an old farm tractor was. His goal became to create a portable lift system just as reliable and tough as the old farm tractors.

Developing the Horizontal Lift System

As he got further into the research phase, he decided that out of all of the delivery methods already out on the market, a level lifting system was the way to go. He could see a container lift system that could keep a container level during pick-up, transport, and delivery, would reduce the possibility of contents shifting to almost zero and keep the customers contents safe. Eventually, the problem Jack discovered was that all of the level lifting systems available were only available through a franchise or dealership program. Jack has always been an independent business man and the thought of joining a franchise didn’t sit right with him. He just could not get excited about paying franchise fees, royalty fees, or rental fees for the life span of his company. Jack asked himself, if I was going to get into mobile storage and if I could have any type of level lifting system I wanted, what type of system would I want and what would I want this system to do? This began goal of creating a level lifting system that was available to anyone that wanted to get into mobile storage industry.

Jack put together the best team of engineers he knew, to help him with his vision of this “super lift” system. These engineers are some of the best in industry and have engineered projects for Delta Airlines, Volkswagen, Goodyear, and Bush Hog, just to name a few. After a great deal of time and money was spent creating a prototype, Jack saw a few issues with the product. One day Jack told everyone to hold off for a little while so he could think through some things. He felt like the prototype was getting too complicated. He said all I need is a forklift on a flatbed truck. That was it.
The engineering team got back together, changed course, and the Horizontal Lift was born. A new prototype was made and was field tested for 7-8 years before it was brought to the marketplace.

The Horizontal Lift System is Born

Here we are today with a finished container lift system that is a non-franchised, level lifting, easy to use, state of the art workhorse. In order to start your own portable storage business, you just have to buy the Horizontal Lift system and any 20’ ISO shipping container. When you go this route, you get to keep all of the money you make. Not a royalty, franchise, or rental fee, ever! Jack says, “We simply want to sell the best delivery system on the market and let the customer run his business, his way.”

Are You Interested in Starting Your Own Portable Storage Company?

If you are considering going the franchise route you owe it to yourself to call us before you commit to a franchise. The Horizontal Lift system can save you not just thousands, but hundreds of thousands of dollars compared to a franchise system. Call us today for more information.

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