How to Create Your Mobile Storage Business Plan

Horizontal lift trucks lined up to pick up container lift systems In the first part of the Mobile Storage Series, you learned the benefits of starting a mobile storage business. Mobile storage is the future of the storage industry, and customers have taken notice. As customer awareness of the mobile storage option has increased, so have sales. In this part of the Mobile Storage Series, we will now walk you through what is needed to start a mobile storage business.

Step 1: Determine if You Will Need Investors

As with any other industry, the first step in starting a mobile self storage business is to determine where you will get your startup funding. Any investor will want to see a viable business plan before they consider investing in you. Taking the time to put a mobile storage business plan together, one with enough detail to satisfy even the most skeptical investors, will pay off in the long run. Be prepared to answer tough questions from investors. Who will be on your team? What is your burn rate? How much cash will you need in the first year? What is a realistic growth rate for your business in its industry? Investors will want answers to these questions before they consider your business.

Step 2: Find Warehouse Space

After determining who your investors will be, you can start thinking about what supplies will be needed for your mobile storage business. If you are already in the storage industry and are just looking to expand your reach, this will be easier for you than for someone who is new to the business. If you already own a storage business, you most likely already have warehouse space to store the portable storage units.

If you do not have a warehouse location to store your portable storage containers, consider transforming an old building in a booming location into a storage warehouse. This is a smart and cost-effective way to get your business located in a high traffic area.

Step 3: Rent or Buy Portable Storage Containers

The next expense to consider is the cost of portable storage containers. Portable storage containers come in different sizes, and smaller containers are less expensive than larger containers. Be wary of only offering small storage containers as it will limit the scope of your business. If your business is just starting up and you don’t feel comfortable spending the money to buy storage containers, consider renting them. This is a smart way to save money until your business growth allows you to invest in your own portable storage containers.

The Benefits of Using the Horizontal Lift System

When a customer is considering using mobile storage, their main concern is that their items will be tipped or jostled when the container is loaded onto the truck. With Horizontal Lift, that concern no longer exists. Our patented hydraulic lift system keeps the mobile storage container level during loading and unloading so the items inside stay put. Our lift system is also compatible with most portable containers, including ISO portable containers. In the next part of our Mobile Storage Series, we will explore the pros and cons of becoming a storage franchisor vs. an owner and operator.

Or, if you’re ready to take the next step, contact us today.

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