Maintenance of the Horizontal Lift Container Lift System

A container lift system before undergoing routine maintenanceJust like a car, it is important to perform regular maintenance on your Horizontal Lift system to keep it in tip-top shape. But unlike car maintenance, the maintenance of your lift system might be unfamiliar to you. In this post, we’ll cover all you need to know about Horizontal Lift maintenance.

Generally speaking, your Horizontal Lift system for your portable storage business will not require a large degree of maintenance. It is important to give your Horizontal Lift system a thorough inspection periodically to look for damage and ensure all of the parts are functioning properly.

Container Lift System Maintenance Required Every 4 Months

  1. Grease Zerks (Fittings): At least every four months grease the grease zerks on your Horizontal Lift system. The grease zerks are located on a number of moving parts on the Horizontal Lift see maintenance document (link) for details. While this maintenance is required every four months, it’s a good idea to check this regularly and re-grease as needed.
  2. Roller Chain: The roller chain stretches down the middle of the Horizontal Lift system from the front to the back. Oil the roller chain at least every four months or as needed. When oiling the roller chair, inspect it for signs of wear and replace if needed. I like to use a spray oil called Fluid Film but any chain oil will work.
  3. Leaf Chain: Oil the leaf chain every four months or as it is needed. When you are oiling the leaf chain, inspect it for signs of wear and replace it when needed. The leaf chain is located on the back of the Horizontal Lift system. When inspecting the back of the Horizontal Lift system, you’ll be able to see two parts of the Leaf Chain stretching vertical. I like to use a spray oil called Fluid Film but any chain oil will work.

Container Lift System Yearly Maintenance

  1. Hydraulic Fluid: The hydraulic fluid should be changed at least once a year or as needed. Check your hydraulic fluid periodically to make sure it doesn’t need changed.

Container Lift System Maintenance as Needed

  1. Cable/Chain Assemblies: Inspect the cable/chain assemblies and replace if damaged. The cable/chain assemblies are located on either side of the Horizontal Lift system stretching vertically.
  2. Tie Down Straps: Inspect the tie down straps and replace as needed.
  3. Welds: Take a look at the welds on the Horizontal Lift system periodically to check for cracks. If you see signs of cracking, take your Horizontal Lift system in for maintenance as soon as possible.
  4. Bolts: There are bolts located all over the Horizontal Lift from the chassis to the hydraulic lock cartridges. Check bolts periodically to make sure everything stays tight and secure.

Horizontal Lift is the Premiere Container Lift System

The Horizontal Lift system is the premiere container lift system in the industry. It is easy and safe to operate and engineered to never stop working for you. Are you interested in purchasing a Horizontal Lift system for your mobile storage business? Contact us today!

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