Why Homebuilding Companies Need a Container Lift System

A builder simplifies the process by using a container lift system to deliver equipmentWhile the Horizontal Lift system was originally designed to be used by portable storage companies, we’ve found that it can actually be used by more industries than just storage. We’ve seen our container lift system used by the event planning industry, portable toilet delivery industry, construction industry and for corporate relocations.

When you drive through a neighborhood or city, it is very common to see houses and buildings that are undergoing construction work. Even when this industry isn’t booming, there will always be houses and buildings that need renovated or built. A Horizontal Lift system can bring convenience and adaptability to the homebuilding industry.

Three Benefits of Using a Portable Storage Container System for Homebuilders

Just like construction companies, home builders and developers require a large amount of supplies. From lumber to build the structure, to windows, doors and concrete floors, a lot of equipment goes into constructing houses and buildings. Learn the 3 benefits of using a container lift system for the homebuilding industry below:

  1. Keep Items on-site: Instead of wasting time traveling from the development site back to the warehouse to pick up necessary items, equipment can be stored on-site in storage containers. This helps to cut back on unnecessary travel time and in the end saves the company money.
  2. The ability to have multiple projects at once: Lets be real here, as a homebuilding company, are you ever just working on one project at once? The Horizontal Lift system allows builders and developers to quickly deliver supplies to multiple projects throughout the day. When a homebuilding company uses traditional trucks to deliver supplies, the truck shows up at the construction site with the supplies and has to wait until it is unloaded. With a Horizontal Lift system, necessary equipment is delivered to the construction site for the builders. The Horizontal Lift system will then unload the storage container from the truck, and the Horizontal Lift system truck is free to make go and make more deliveries.
  3. Unload the storage container without damaging items: The main difference between the Horizontal Lift system and other portable storage delivery systems in the industry is our no-tilt capabilities. The Horizontal Lift system is able to load and unload a storage container without tilting the container or the items inside. This is a big advantage when delivering a fragile item like windows or tiles for floors.

Are You Ready to Use a Container Lift System for your Homebuilding Company?

We know our no-tilt portable storage delivery system isn’t a traditional method for delivering equipment to a home development site and can therefore be intimidating. When you purchase a Horizontal Lift system, we’re there for you every step of the way. We offer in-person trainings, an operating manual and many helpful videos online.

Our Horizontal Lift system was built to last. The lift system is adaptable, easy and safe to operate. Are you interested in learning more about using a portable storage delivery system for your home development business? Talk to us today!

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