Container Lifting Lug

Horizontal Lift Co. has updated its attachment method to make transitions smoother. Inspired by the ISO container industries’ method of lifting ocean-going containers, we specifically designed to allow for different makes and models of containers.

Container Lifting Lugs from Horizontal Lift

Looking for efficient lifting lugs for your portable storage facility? At Horizontal Lift, we developed a container lifting lug to make transitions smoother. Our lifting lugs are designed to lift shipping containers from their bottom lifting slots to your tenant’s destination. We secure our container lifting lug by inserting a “T” shaped pin. The pin goes inside of a 2″ x 3″ hold and turns to lock in place. This action mirrors what the ISO container industry does. Our lifting lug sets at precise angles to ensure the most secure attachment to our lift system.

The Benefits of the Lifting Lug

Our attachment method gives you the most flexibility on the market. This container attachment can be easily installed and adapts to every portable storage container. You can lift a wide variety of containers, including 20′ ISO containers. You can also lift containers made by our friends at Havener Enterprises, Universal Storage Containers and Wabash National.

To tilt or not to tilt?  A big debate within the portable storage industry is between tilting and not tilting a loaded container. We believe level lifting with no-tilt containers is best because customers will demand it.

You won’t find a more convenient attachment system anywhere. When you are ready, let your portable container manufacturer know your boxes are for the Horizontal Lift system. Already have your own containers? Simply attach a bracket to your existing mobile storage container using pre-installed holes. It’s that easy.

If you have any questions regarding our products or would like more information, contact one of our portable storage experts today.

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