Choosing the Right Containers for your Mobile Self Storage Business

A portable storage container on a Horizontal Lift systemIf you have kept up with our mobile storage series, you now understand the mobile self storage business model, how to create your mobile storage business plan and the benefits of owning vs franchising a mobile storage company. Now, the only thing left is choosing the right storage containers for your mobile storage business. Along with the piece on how to select the right container lift system, our latest guides will help you choose the right equipment for your business.

The Horizontal Lift System is the Right Lift for Your Business

Mobile storage containers come in various sizes and configurations. In order for a storage container to be capable of use for mobile storage, it must have easily accessible doors and be able to be transported while it is loaded. The Horizontal Lift system is designed to work with all of the most commonly used storage containers in the industry. The two types of mobile storage containers most commonly used are ISO containers and white box containers.

ISO Containers

When someone thinks of ISO containers, they most often think of shipping containers. ISO is an international manufacturing standard granted to containers that meet the qualifications. ISO containers are designed to be transported by truck, train or ship. In order to meet this qualification, these containers must meet a particular measure of size, strength and durability. Horizontal Lift is able to work with any ISO containers that are 20 feet long and smaller.
A convenient thing about ISO containers are they are readily available in almost all parts of the world. In the US we have a large surplus because we import more than we export and it is cheaper for overseas markets to build new ones than it is to ship back the empties.

White Box Containers

White box containers are the containers that are more often used in the mobile storage industry. These containers come in various sizes and configurations. While they are not as durable as the ISO containers, they are durable enough for mobile self storage. Additionally, they can withstand being left outside in the elements. We have partnered with the following white box container companies who are more than capable of supplying containers to your company.

Do You Have Additional Questions about Choosing the Right Storage Container

The Horizontal Lift is the superior lifting system in the industry. Unlike traditional lift systems, the system does not tilt and does not require a special dock in order to be accessed. The system is also compatible with all different sized portable storage containers so the scope of your business will not be limited by the type of storage container used. Are you interested in learning more about the Horizontal Lift system? Contact us today!

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