Choosing the Right Container Lift System

Swap body Horizontal Lift truckIf you have made it this far in the mobile storage series, you already have a knowledge of the mobile self storage business model and have created your own mobile self storage business plan that aligns with your goals of franchising or owning a mobile storage business. That is great, but in order to succeed in the mobile storage business, it is important to have a quality container lift system. In this instalment of the mobile storage series, we explore some container lift system options.
A mobile storage container lift system can be expensive. This makes it extremely important to do research beforehand to ensure the container lift system that is chosen aligns with your business. In order to determine what kind of lift system is needed, you must first identify:

  1. How much you’ll be hauling
  2. What kind of truck you’ll need
  3. What kind of container you’ll be using

How Much Will You Be Hauling?

The Horizontal Lift system comes into two different sizes. When choosing a container lift system, it is important to know how much you will be hauling.

A 10k lift system

A 10k lift can lift 10,000 pounds. A traditional mobile storage container weighs between 2,200-2,500 pounds. This means that the container can fit around 7,500 pounds of contents. This is preferable to many mobile storage business owners as it is compatible with a 26,000 pound truck and does not require a commercial license before use.

A 13k lift system

If you have larger lift needs, our 13k lift may suit your needs. The 13k lift system can lift a 20 foot ISO shipping container weighing around 5,000 pounds. With this ISO container, the 13k lift system can still lift between 7,500 and 8,000 pounds of contents inside of the container. If you prefer using white boxes instead of ISO containers, the 13k lift can move around 10,500 pounds of contents.

What Truck Will You Need?

Next, it is important to choose a truck that will match the capacity of the lift you chose.
If you chose a 10k lift system, you will need at least a 26k GVW truck (under CDL). Whereas if you chose the 13k lift system, you will need at least a 33k GVW truck (over CDL). Additionally, in order to get the lift installed, you will need the rear axle to be located at least 186 inches from the back of the cab. The chasses behind the rear axle, also known as the after chassis, needs to be a minimum of 70 inches long. Lastly, you will need a port within the transmission to install the power take off, or PTO.

What Container Will I Need?

Unlike most lifting systems, the Horizontal Lift system is compatible with both white box and ISO containers. This means that your scope of work will not be limited by the type of container. Additionally, if you come across another structurally sound type of container, we should be able to create an attachment that will work with our lift.

Horizontal Lift is the Superior Lifting System

The Horizontal Lift is the superior lifting system in the industry. Unlike traditional lift systems, the system does not tilt and does not require a special dock in order to be accessed. The system is also compatible with all different sized portable storage containers so the scope of your business will not be limited by the type of storage container used.
Are you interested in learning more about the Horizontal Lift system? Contact us today!

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