Catering Mobile Storage Solutions to College Students

Catering Mobile Storage Solutions to College StudentsRunning a storage facility often means you have potential customers asking about a variety of spaces for a variety of storage needs. One of these is short-term storage for college students who need to stow their belongings away for a month or two, but the cost of a storage unit can be out of reach for many of these people.

You might be tempted to simply shrug that off and tell the students to go elsewhere – after all, maintaining the facility costs money. But if your facility is near a college, you’d be missing out on a potentially large customer base if you took that attitude. Instead, look at adding mobile storage units, which are those freestanding boxes that you can move via forklift. Depending on how you store those units and how much access you offer, you could find your facility is suddenly in high demand.

Summer Break

The beginning of summer break is a prime time for students to store most of their belongings. Leases are ending, dorms are closing, and no one wants to haul everything home only to have to haul it back again in fall.

But if you offer cheaper mobile units, especially ones that can be stored in under-utilized areas, you can make your facility more attractive to students. If they’re gone over the summer, they won’t need to keep accessing the storage unit. That means less wear on the gates as people enter and leave the facility and less mess because people won’t be constantly switching items or rearranging the unit. And when they pick up their belongings in the fall, you can then advertise the units for another group of students.

Going Abroad

Not all students who go abroad or participate in college campus exchange programs do so for a very long time. Some programs are only a semester, quarter, or even a month long. Enterprising students may try to sublet their apartment spaces in these cases to save or make money, and spending lots of cash on a traditional unit may be too much. Mobile storage units can be ready for their belongings at a lower price if you allow students to share units or are able to leave them closer to campus.

Transitional Living

One more student population you may want to advertise to are those who are transitioning from the dorms to apartments. These students may need more access to the units than those who have gone abroad or those who have gone home for the summer. However, they would need storage for only a couple of weeks or a month at best. These students will want a place to put the furniture they’ve purchased in anticipation of moving into their new apartments, and they’ll want somewhere to store less urgently needed items as they pack up their dorm rooms. Set a few mobile storage units in the parking lot, for example, and you’ve just provided these students with a handy staging area.

Students appreciate a good deal and a helping hand. Mobile storage units let you help them and your facility’s income simultaneously.

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