Battle Royale: Portable Storage Units vs. Rental Moving Trucks

Battle Royale: Portable Storage Units vs. Rental Moving TrucksHiring a moving company can be expensive, and it can also be a bit limiting as far as your schedule is concerned. It’s why many people choose to rent their own moving trucks. However, there’s another option available that may be more cost-effective and convenient: portable storage. The following are just a few of the reasons why you should use a portable storage unit instead of renting a moving truck:

    • Less driving is required. In order to rent a moving truck, you’re going to have to drive to the location of the truck and pick it up, drive it to your home to pack it up, tand hen drive it to your new home in order to unpack before finally driving it back to the rental location. That’s a lot of driving. As a result, you’re going to spend a lot more time in traffic and – depending on how far you are moving – you’re going to have to spend more on gas. None of this is a concern with portable storage since the unit will simply be dropped off at your home. There you can pack it before having it either delivered to a storage facility to be delivered to your new home at a later date, or have it delivered straight to your new home.


    • Portable storage is safer. Most people aren’t professional truck drivers. In fact, many people that rent small moving trucks have never driven a truck of that size in their lives. This makes it inherently more risky to rent a moving truck, especially if you have to drive it a long distance.


    • There’s less risk of injury. There are only so many places where you can park your rental moving truck. In some cases the path from your home to where your truck is parked may be quite a distance, requiring intensive physical labor to move larger pieces of furniture from your home to the truck. You’ll also need to move your things up a ramp, which poses an injury risk for those not experienced with moving larger objects. And if you’re moving your things to a temporary storage unit, you’ll have to do even more physical labor moving everything in and out of a temporary storage unit. A portable storage unit can be set down closer to your home and allows you to simply walk your furniture in without the use of a ramp. The unit can then be delivered to your new home or placed in temporary storage before delivery.


  • There’s no time restraint. The longer you keep a rental truck, the more expensive it’s going to get. It’s one of the reasons that most people will try to move everything within a single day if possible when they rent a moving truck. This can really wear you out and can even result in a bigger injury risk since there’s a chance you’ll be trying to move things into your new home while you are tired. With a portable storage unit, you can take your time packing your things before having it delivered to your new home. Once it’s there, you can take your time unpacking the unit since you won’t be rushed into unloading a truck all in one night.

The benefits of using portable storage far outweigh those of renting a moving truck. Using a portable storage unit is not only more convenient since you can move on your own time, but it also can end up being less expensive as well as safer since there is less of a risk of experiencing a moving-related injury or accident.

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