Apartment Communities: Reaching Out to Apartment Residents

Apartment Communities: Reaching Out to Apartment ResidentsAccording to the National Multifamily Housing Council, there are 18,260,000 people living in apartments. From 1990 to 2014, nearly 5.75 million new apartments were built from coast to coast. Apartment dwellers are a large and growing demographic that any self storage business should take the time to pursue.

Reaching out to Apartment Residents

The needs of apartment residents can vary greatly. They might be college students entering school. They might be young professionals moving to a new city to take a job. Or, they might be young families searching for a new home to buy. This creates a vast set of demographics that your self storage business needs to cater to.

As diverse as the reasons are for living in an apartment, one thing is constant: the residents always need a place to store their extra possessions. As a portable storage provider, it’s up to you to demonstrate that you can fill that need. You can do this by¬†focusing on the advantages portable storage offers, including:

  • Declutters their apartment, which makes them more comfortable and makes their apartment feel more spacious
  • Stores their possessions safely so that they aren’t damaged or stolen by roommates
  • Offers an affordable alternative to physical self storage sites
  • Protects their apartment, which helps ensure they will receive their full deposit when they move out
  • Requires no transportation or additional moving expenses on their part

This last point is important because fewer and fewer people own pickup trucks with each passing year. Moreover, if an individual is new to a community, they won’t know anyone to borrow a truck from. That means having to move their possessions via a moving truck, which even fewer people are comfortable driving. By promoting the fact that you drop off the container, pick it up, and deliver it back to them when they are ready for it, you will quite literally take a load off their minds.

Reaching out to Apartment Managers

One of the first questions a new apartment resident is going to ask is “What about storage?” Precious few apartment communities have on-site storage options, which means their residents have to rely on a self storage business while they live in the apartment.

By developing relationships with the apartment managers, you ensure that your name will rise to the top of the list when they discuss storage with their new tenants. When you provide these managers with brochures and other marketing materials, they can then pass your information on to tenants who are searching for an immediate solution to a pressing need.

Moreover, apartment managers appreciate when their residents’ apartments aren’t stuffed and cluttered. It means less damage to their properties, and it creates a comfortable ambiance for all residents within the community. This reduces repair costs and enhances the image of the community, which leads to lower vacancy rates and increased profits. Thus developing relationships with apartment managers is a win-win for your storage business, the residents, and the apartment community.

Finally, an increasing number of apartment communities are relying on social media sites to promote their apartments. By linking to them and having them link to your social media profiles, you ensure that potential residents will see your business as being connected to their community. As such, they’ll contact you when they’re ready to store.

Apartment communities are a major source of clients for any self storage business. It is a large and expanding demographic, which makes it a valuable opportunity to pursue. The key to capturing the market is to develop relationships with the apartment managers who can get your information in front of new residents… because every new resident is a potential client.

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