Video Library

Take a look at our video content below, full of helpful guides to understanding Horizontal Life, our lifting lug and container attachment, as well as how to operate wireless remote control! Not yet an owner of a Horizontal Lift container lift system? Check out our guide to find the right lift specs for your needs.

Franchising vs. Owning a Mobile Storage Business

Watch this video to learn the benefits of owning a mobile storage business.

Delivering Up or Down a Hill

Our lift system can easily deliver a storage container even if it’s up or down a hill.

Safety of the Horizontal Lift

This video answers some of the questions we receive about the safety of our Horizontal Lift system.

Up and Down Movement of Our Container Lift

Take a look at our Horizontal Lift system and how it raises and lowers a storage container with ease.

Turn On Wireless Control

For those who choose to get the wireless option here is a quick video on how to turn it on. We highly recommend getting wireless for your Horizontal Lift!

Travel Movement of Our Container Lift

The Horizontal Lift travels up and down the chassis of the truck by chain and sprocket.

A Mobile Storage Container Lift You Can Count On

The Horizontal Lift is the most versatile container lift system in the industry. Our innovative container attachment and lifting lug allow you to use a variety of container types all on the same truck. This allows you to do more with your vehicle, and run a more profitable portable storage business.

Receive Information For Truck and Lift Specifications

The Horizontal Lift is easy to use and built to last. Before ordering a Horizontal container lift system, read our guide for truck specifications.  With the proper vehicle and our container lift system, you can grow your current business with portable storage in no time.

Our lift specifications document will guide you through the ins and outs of our innovative technology. Learn information including weight limits, container size limits, and more.

Have any questions? We’re here to help. Contact us today to get the answers you need about the Horizontal Lift system. Be sure to read our blog and our guide to starting your own mobile storage business if you do not have one already.