Videos: Our Container Lift & Lifting Lug

See below for videos describing our innovative container lift. Find help for understanding our lifting lug and container attachment, as well as how to operate wireless remote control! Not yet an owner of a Horizontal Lift container lift system? Check out our guide to find the right lift specs for your needs.

Horizontal Lift

Safety of the Horizontal Lift

We created this video to answer some of the questions we get about the safety of the Horizontal Lift.

Horizontal Lift

Up and Down Movement of Our Container Lift

This video shows how the Horizontal Lift raises and lowers a storage container.

Horizontal Lift

Turn On Wireless Control

For those who choose to get the wireless option here is a quick video on how to turn it on. I highly recommend getting wireless for your Horizontal Lift.

Horizontal Lift

Travel Movement of Our Container Lift

This video is on the back and forth travel of the Horizontal Lift. The Horizontal Lift travels up and down the chassis of the truck by chain and sprocket.