About Horizontal Lift Company

Our Mission:
To provide the best horizontal lift for operators in the mobile storage industry.

What Does Horizontal Lift Do?

We make the best delivery system for the portable storage industry. Our container lift system works with white box containers and ISO or Ocean-Going type containers. Our patented portable storage delivery system lifts portable containers without tilting. All our products are engineered and manufactured by top-of-the-line fabricators. We’re also proud to source our materials from top part suppliers.

Jack Johnson, the inventor of our lift system and founder of Horizontal Lift Company, created a simple method to operate a durable horizontal lift system. The lift was originally designed to be “Gentle, strong, fast, dependable, patented, truck mounted, hydraulically operated, horizontal lift.”

Are you interested in learning more about how the Horizontal Lift system works? Check out this quick video! 

How does one delivery system work with both ISO and “white box” containers?

Our container lift system has a lifting lug that attaches to white box and ISO containers for delivery. This is similar to how ISO containers are lifted from cargo ships. We work with major white box containers suppliers to integrate our attachment method into their design. Our lifting lug device provides owners with a great deal of flexibility. The lug device can easily adapt to fit any portable storage container. ISO containers already have corner brackets that work with our lug. Being able to lift both types of containers without tilting is a unique advantage of the Horizontal Lift.

Where is the Horizontal Lift Manufactured?

The Horizontal Lift is manufactured in the heart of Alabama. We are fortunate enough to work with some of the best manufacturers around. Our manufacturers build equipment for major corporations, such as:

  • USPS
  • Toyota
  • Volkswagen
  • Major Airlines

Start Your Portable Storage Business Today

At Horizontal Lift, we strive to help other small companies and start-ups reach their fullest potential. We’re proud to have years of experience in running mobile storage operations under our belts. Our lift is the answer for those wanting to get into the independent mobile storage business.

Looking for dependable quality equipment without dealership or franchise requirements? Start your portable storage business with Horizontal Lift. We invite you to explore our Steps to Starting a Portable Storage Business, or you can contact us for any questions.