9 Creative Ways to Attract More Moving Clients

Attracting clients isn’t easy business, especially in the moving industry where fierce competition means you have to be smarter and work harder than the other guy. The following are some creative ways you can use your services to get the edge you desire.

1. Become an Authority

Even people who have moved multiple times will search out moving tips and suggestions prior to relocating. When you create videos, blogs, and moving resources, you enhance your moving company reputation and position yourself as an authority in the industry. When it comes time to move, customers will call you first to seek solutions for their moving needs.

2. Donate Services

Donating your services to Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, 4-H, and other children’s clubs builds goodwill and shows that you are vested in the community. When it comes time to move, mom and dad will remember the random acts of business you donated that helped their child’s organization.

3. Help Clients Divest Themselves of “Junk”

Moving means cleaning closets and getting rid of items that are no longer needed, wanted, or useful. By offering clean-out, consignment, and other services, you will give them an easy out for getting rid of things they would rather not move.

A fun way to do this is to host monthly auctions where clients can put their possessions up on the block. You can even create your own version of popular TV shows and have attendees bid on mystery lockers.

4. Strategically Position Advertisements

Make sure your flyers and business cards are prominently displayed in apartment community offices, real estate agencies, and on virtual community bulletin boards. It is also a good idea to intertwine your social media efforts so that they are connected with these businesses in your area. Always go to where you prospective clients are; never wait for them to come to you.

5. Host Workshops & Open Houses

Invite the public to come in and attend a workshop. You can host moving workshops where you give simple tips on making the move easier. You can have a local expert host workshops on how to repair damaged furniture. You can even have a local contractor or interior designer host a workshop on home remodeling, etc.

6. Set Your Image Apart

Get creative with your marketing by standing out. Rocky’s Autos in Denver did this by creating characters and a story for their marketing campaigns. McDonald’s did it with clowns and circus acts. Wendy’s did it with creative catchphrases. Find something that stands out and build your image around that.

7. Don’t Wait to Innovate

Lead by example and incorporate new services and technologies into your operations before the competition does. Do this and your moving company reputation will far outshine the other billboards on the highway.

8. Promote Through PR

Area news outlets should be some of your closest friends. Make sure they receive press releases when you host events, make a donation, or do something positive for the community. Good press is always worth its weight in gold.

9. Reach Out…and Offer Incentives

Keep an open dialogue with your clients. Ask them what they like, don’t like, or think you could improve on. They will appreciate the effort and will remember it when their friends ask them for moving suggestions. Moreover, by offering incentives for referrals, they will be eager to send their friends, family, and co-workers your way.

All of these tips will help enhance and strengthen your moving company reputation. With time and repetition, each suggestion has the potential to bring in increasing levels of business and plenty of satisfied clients.

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